Top 10 Implement Brands in India

Top 10 Implement Brands in India

India is one of best agrarian countries. It ranks second in the world for having the largest agricultural production. Normally, this builds the pervasiveness of agricultural equipment carries out in the country. But India is such country where very few farmers use farm implements for cultivation due to marginal farm size. Indian farmer needs machinery that could fit in their budget and farm. Implement manufacturers in India always try to provide perfect implement for Indian farmers considering their need. Here we listed best implement brands in detail who most popular among Indian farmers, just have a look.

Popular Tractor Implement Brands:

Shaktiman – 

Shaktiman (Tirth Agro Technology Pvt. Ltd) is the world’s largest manufacturer of rotavators and offers a wide range of agriculture implements, from seedbed preparation to crop residue management. With affordable farming solutions & advanced technology Shaktiman is a market leader in India. Shaktiman is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with exports over 84 countries and its implements reaching farms through its wide network of 1000 dealers and 46 distributors worldwide. Through quality products, Shaktiman is setting up a benchmark in the domestic and international market by holding a 50% share in the domestic market. Shaktiman committed to manufacturing high-quality agriculture implements with the best service promise. 

LEMKEN India –

LEMKEN India is one of the most popular farm implement brands in India. LEMKEN offers a huge range of products to solve the problems of Indian marginal farmers at affordable price LEMKEN wishes to contribute to crop production improvement and work for better results, service, and user-friendly operability with the mechanized agricultural solution. LEMKEN is one of the innovative specialists in the agricultural sector and a leader in the Agricultural implementation sector. LEMKEN is a famous company in Europe and present in about 47 countries worldwide. The turnover of LEMKEN is over 325 million Euros. LEMKEN contributes a market share of more than 40 percent for reversible ploughs and cultivators. LEMKEN India Agro Equipment Pvt Ltd is a 100 percent part of LEMKEN GmbH and it has set up in Nagpur city in Maharashtra. LEMKEN India was established in August 2010.

Dasmesh – 

Dasmesh Group manufactures a wide range of high-quality, economical agriculture products and implements with next generation technology. From rotavator to combine harvester Dasmesh committed to offering quality implements for the domestic as well as international market. Founded in 1970, with a line-up of combine harvesters Dasmesh Mechanical works to set up their advanced technology plant at Malerkotla (Punjab) in 1980. With the experience of 5 decades, Dasmesh committed to offering technology-based innovative impalements. Dasmesh offers a wide range of combine Harvesters, Straw Reaper, Rotavator, Seed Drill, Happy Seeder.

Fieldking –

Fieldking, a Pioneer in the farm equipment fabricating industry. It was framed in 1978, with a mission to be a leader in contributing the imaginative, easy understand and naturally feasible cultivating answers for farmers around the world. As a market chief, Fieldking present in 102 Countries. Fieldking have been providing best solution to the agrarian development of the world by giving creative farm equipment. Fieldking agricultural equipment products portfolio covers most needed farm equipment for work like Tillage, Haulage, Crop Protection, Harvest, Post-Harvest, Seeding, and Plantation farm equipment.


LandForce is the sister company of the Dasmesh Mechanical work. Dasmesh Mechanical Works, Amargarh, is serving our nation’s Farmer more than 50 years, by providing a wide range of tractor has driven agriculture implements with robust design and high quality. Dasmesh is promised to continue the journey with more enthusiasm and shall keep some foot in advance agriculture mechanization.  Dasmesh Mechanical Works, Amargarh, have two brands DASMESH & LANDFORCE. Founded in 1965, Dasmesh-Amargarh available across the length and breadth of India. Nowadays above 1 million Dasmesh-Amargarh Farm Implements work in agriculture fields since the first rolled out in 1965. After that an essential union with John Deere in 2008, LandForce has set up another plant at Langrian to deliver for both John Deere, Dasmesh, and LandForce Brands. LandForce and Dasmesh organization’s business, deals, administrations, and extra parts network reach more than 200 touchpoints, across the world. 

Khedut –

KhedutAgro Engineering is contributing to Indian farm mechanization by providing the complete Farm Mechanization Solution to clients and customers. Khedut product portfolio starts from Land Preparation Implements up to Harvesting Equipment with a complete wide variety of farm equipment. KhedutAgro Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of Seed Drill in sowing equipment across India. Khedut provides a wide range of Seed Drills according to the needs of the soil, weather condition of different regions. Khedut is the first one to introduce the pneumatic planters to Indian agriculture. The establishment of KhedutAgro Engineering by Mr. Dinesh Khanpara in 1996. He starts with very limited resources, but he had a great vision and mission of making Khedut best for the Farm Mechanization Industry. In 1998 company started manufacturing Animal Drawn Seed for small landholding farmers to use ultra-modern machinery in their land and increase their crop production.


KARTAR Agro Industries a profoundly rumored Brand with a Meaning, ‘The CREATOR’, chips away at the accompanying way of thinking. The cycle of ‘Ideation, Creation, and Innovation’ is the very embodiment needed for a wide range of advancement, improvement, and progress in the business. For the last 35 years, KARTAR Combines stands high as the one of most believed names in the farm implement fabricating and fare. The organization, working in this area since 1975, has acquired an advantageous situation of trust and development among agrarians. The company has given 100% significant innovation to Indian farmers that have enhanced the reap in their fields, and this is the reason we are figured as the pioneer and driving maker and exporter of excellent rural executes. 

Agristar –

Agristar is the sister company of the TAFE. Currently, mechanization is restricted to primary and secondary tillage operations. Substantial use of haulage, and with the cost-benefit equation changing with an increase in labour cost, so it is important to provide models of implement that are relevant to small and marginal farms. Farm mechanization is the key to improve farm productivity and reduce labor costs. TAFE has been collaborating with world technology leaders to establish its Applications Business Unit (ABU) to efficiently fulfill the emerging needs of the global farming community. Agristar offering a range of implements for various agricultural applications like farmland preparation, agricultural planting, crop harvesting, post-harvest handling crop operations, etc. Agristar has perhaps the most perfect implements that cater to almost every farm mechanization needs of every farmer in India at an affordable price.

MaschioGaspardo –

MaschioGaspardo is a global Group, a pioneer in the manufacturing of agriculture types of equipment for all types of agriculture operations. MaschioGaspardo offers a wide range of tillage implements rotary tillers, ploughs by setting up 8 Manufacturing plants worldwide. In 1964, MaschioGaspardo started with rotary tillers, with high growth Maschio products started exporting implements in 1979. In 2011 MaschioGaspardo opens its advanced production plant in India at Pune (MH), to manufacture rotavators and mulchers so that they can offer advanced technology and superior quality Made in India implements to farmers. More than 50 years of success, 13 commercial branches Maschio produces more than 70,000 machines in 1 year.

Pubert – 

Pubert India is a France-based company that provides the best quality tillers to the Indian Agricultural sector. Pubert is the number one Tiller producer on the planet today, because of its long involvement with soil groundwork for Agriculture. Through the years, the organization has coordinated new innovations to create more effective, simpler to utilize, more grounded machines inside low costs. A significant piece of its turnover is committed to the Research and Development of new advancements. Pubert is a family organization from Vendee, its story started in 1840. Around then, the organization was creating an agrarian plough. In 1960, the organization began to build up certain nurseries upkeep embellishments and delivered its first turner in 1976. In 1987, to demonstrate the tiller quality, Jean-Pierre Pubert made a 24 hours relentless furrowing world record, which is referenced in the Guinness Book. The organization developed and in 2007 turned into the principal overall tiller maker, yet it delivered wheeled brush cutters as well. The organization later proceeded with its expansion by purchasing the organization’s Kiva and Roques and Lecoeur and included its creation scarifiers and branch shredders. Scope of creative, agreeable, and productive snow throwers was dispatched in 2014. 

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