Top Most New Holland Farm Implements

Top Most New Holland Farm Implements

In the field of agriculture machinery, New Holland Farm Implements brand provides the latest designs and unique performance tractor implements for the use of farming and farming. The farming becomes easy for the farmers while taking the benefits of the New Holland Farm Implements. New Holland company provides the effective and best technological implements keeping in mind the basic use of the farmers. New Holland tractors are very popular amongst the farmers likewise the New Holland Farm Implements works effectively for farmland activities. .

New Holland Focuses in four areas of sectors while producing the different farm implements for the agriculture system. Let us know the four areas of farming sectors that New Holland produces for easy functioning and use of the farming system.


Tillage is commonly used for the purpose of preparing the soil by mechanical or agitation of various forms like digging, overturning and stirring. Farmers adopt tillage method commonly for ploughing, deep tilling by various farm implements like cultivators, rotavators, etc. The tillage operation is commonly used by the farmers for several reasons. It also helps in various forms :

It improves soil health – The positive effects of conservation tillage is best when compared to the conventional tillage system. With better conservation tillage system leads to greater solution of soil health which leads to better production of crops. New Holland makes it possible by producing the various implements to make tillage operation easy.

It improves Water Conservation – The next important use of tillage operation is that it prevents crop residues from raindrop effects, which in reducing soil crusting and results in soil porosity.

It helps in reducing Soil Erosion – Conservation tillage helps in reducing soil erosion which in return increases soil productivity.

Some of the popular Tillage Implements are as follows:

1.1 New Holland Rotavator GRT-10

New Holland Rotavator GRT -10 is the popular tractor mounted implement used for deep tilling into the soil and works easily in the hard and tough soil conditions.It is best suitable for the tractors ranging from 51-60 HP range of tractors. The New Holland implement model named New Holland Rotavator GRT-10 is the best performance implement, effective in crop production, and known for the excellent quality used in the farmland for the tillage operation.

1.2 New Holland Rotavator GBM 7

New Holland Rotavator GBM 7 implement is the perfect tractor mounted implement is ideal for tractor ranging from 51-60 HP range of tractors. It is the best rotary tiller implement used for farmland better for tilling operation. The best for tilling deep into the soil for 2050 mm. New Holland Rotavator GBM 7 product works effectively with greater performance, and the best for the production result. New Holland Rotavator GBM 7 implement is provided with one year of warranty. It comes with specific features like : 4 speed gearboxes, 60 more blades for better pulverization, operator best comfort of seat for suitable puddling.

1.3 New Holland Rotavator GBM -4

New Holland Rotavator GBM-4 is the effective and best suitable 41-50 HP range of tractors. New Holland Rotavator GBM-4 implement is known for better efficiency with less diesel consumption. The New Holland provides implements with one year of warranty. The implement is also suitable for all types of soil and better for pulverisation. The price is nominal and suitable for the farmers.

Post Harvest

In agriculture, the post harvesting method is the process adopted by the farmers for handling, storing and transporting agricultural commodities just after the harvesting process. This method is very common amongst the farmers. Post harvesting is a must for the better production of food grown for the world’s population. For better post harvesting process, New Holland produces a wide range of implements to make the work easier for the farmers and reduces labor savings of time and money. Popular Post harvest Implements :

2.1 New Holland Straw Reaper GCR 61

New Holland Straw Reaper GCR 61 is the perfect tractor-mounted implement model suitable for the 51-60 HP range of tractors. It is the perfect tractor implement model that works effectively for the high level of performance, is better in crop productivity, and works for smooth operation. With a heavy-duty design, the New Holland Straw Reaper GCR 61 machine functions easily for cutting, threshing, and cleaning the straw in one operation. It works systematically in agricultural farmland.

2.2 New Holland Happy Seeder

New Holland Happy Seeder implement is known for heavy-duty mileage, specific features, excellent performance, and affordable price. Happy Seeder implement is the best in usage for cutting down rice straw, can easily sow deep into the soil, and can deposit straws into the sown area as much as possible. The tractor mounted Happy Seeder implement is suitable for 51-60 HP range of tractors.

2.3 New Holland Round Baler BR 6090

The New Holland Round Baler BR 6090 implement is efficient for farming. New Holland Round Baler is a tractor mounted implement used for tilling systems. It is available in baler category. It is a fuel efficient implementation. The machine works effectively for the farming operations.

Seeding And Plantation

For the better production of crops the germination of seeds or sowing method plays a vital role in seeding and plantation method. With the better seeding and planting method the plant can develop with its root system. Seeding and planting is the cheapest method of farming adopted by the farmers. The seeding and planting is the fastest method in the plantation and seeding process. But sometimes, working manually in seeding and planting method farmers face lots of problems which in turn results in low germination. To overcome with this situation, New Holland
Produces the latest implement in the seeding and planting method known as Pneumatic Planter.
The popular Pneumatic Planter by New Holland brand is known for these reasons:

3.1 New Holland Pneumatic Planter PP 400

New Holland Pneumatic PP 400 is the best tractor mounted implement suitable for 21-30 HP range of tractors. This machine works effectively in sowing one seed at a time while missing not a single seed at a row. Best in precision of sowing results in better yielding. Pneumatic Planter P 400 is more economical that reduces the planting expenses and works effectively. New Holland tractor implement Pneumatic Planter PP 400 works with uniform space between fertilizer and seed and is good for the plant growth. An important part is that it doesn’t damage seeds while operating mechanically.

4.0 Landscaping

Landscaping is done for settling the areas in farming activities. The major farmland implements are designed for the proper functioning in the Landscaping. The New Holland designed duty farm implements for the use of farming activities. Some of them are as follows:

4.1 New Holland Shredo Mulcher SM2100

New Holland Shredo Mulcher SM2100 is the best implement used for all types of crop conditions. With no slippage the implement machine works effectively on the farmland. It is superb in quality and works effectively with superb gears.

4.2 New Holland Shredo Mulcher SM1500

New Holland Shredo Mulcher SM1500 is a tractor mounted implement that works effectively with 41-50 HP range of tractors. New Holland Shredo Mulcher is a highly productive implement used for farming operations.

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