Some Tips For Creating A Garden That’s Friendly To Pollinators

Some Tips For Creating A Garden That’s Friendly To Pollinators

There’s a lot of buzz about honeybees these days, but the lesser known (and equally feared) native pollinators are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to pollinating your garden.

Here are the top tips for making the most of your space to support ailing bee populations (native bees are struggling, too) and bring pollinators to your garden for epic blooms and bountiful crop harvests.

  1. Diversity Matters
    Simply put, diversity in plant sources will bring a diversity of pollinators and other beneficial insects to your garden.Choose flowers of different sizes, types, and colors for the best results. Plant edibles such as vegetables and fruit trees. Also, plant flowering hedges and a variety of herbs and allow them to flower as well. If you have space, plant a wide variety of wildflowers in small patches of at least three or more plants.
  2. Keep It Colorful; Keep It Simple
    If you’re having trouble identifying which plants will be fruitful for your hives or for local bees, try to diversify your color and simplify your flowers. In terms of color, different pollinators are attracted to different colors. If you successfully mix and match the color of blooms, you’ll get a bigger range of bugs to your space. Flower shape matters too, though. Simple flowers are best to attract pollinators.
  3. Quantity Matters
    If you’re planting particularly for honey bees, you need to make the visit to your garden worth their trip. A honey bee forager visits only one type of flower per outing from the hive, this ensures she and her sisters will get enough forage from that type of plant.Visit our page for more information about Tractor, Agricultural implements, Tractor Price, Tractor Videos, and Tractor Games.

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