All In Detail About Sonalika Sikander Series Tractors Available In 35 – 45 HP Category

All In Detail About Sonalika Sikander Series Tractors Available In 35 – 45 HP Category

Indian agriculture is based on farm mechanization and it was successfully done by Indian Tractor Industry. A tractor is a machine that provides power to agricultural tasks. Tractors can be used to pull farm implements for the number of tillage operations.

As per the need of Indian Marginal farmers, the tractor should be in a low budget with great performance. One of the pioneers of the Indian tractor industry Sonalika Tractors Provides a wide range of tractors as per the need of Indian farmers.

Sonalika Tractors is one of the leading brands in India. Company Provides a wide range of tractors from 20 -120 HP with Agri implements to Indian or export market. Sonalika reaches 10 lakh farmers from 120 countries in the overseas market. 

With that Huge success, Sonalika Tractors launched the Sonalika Sikander Series Tractors with the aim to exponentially increase farmers’ productivity while ensuring reduced recurrent operational cost to guarantee maximum value proposition to the South Indian farming community.

Sonalika Sikander series equipped with Powerful HDM engines to ensure more power, more speed with less fuel consumption. As per its name, this series tractor is ‘Emperor of the Fields’. Some Sikander series tractors are listed below with detail….

This 39 HP tractor is fully equipped with new technology and a powerful HDM engine. 4 stroke DI, water-cooled diesel engine makes it operable to work with heavy agricultural implements and heavy haulage work.

Maximum 167 Nm torque is useful for zero RPM drop on heavy application. Constant-mesh gearbox and dual-clutch provide the best transmission performance to this tractor. Mechanical and Power steering both the types available in this tractor, farmers can choose according to their comfort.

1800 kg lifting capacity helps to operate in heavy-duty load. Easy lifting of the trolley with company fitted trolley pressure pipe makes this tractor champion on roads. This is a perfect model for Indian farmers for agriculture and commercial work.

Sonalika RX 35 Sikander is also a great tractor in that 39 HP range. Stylish look and best front lights make it different from the above tractor model.

This Tractor is fully equipped with an HDM 3-cylinder engine which makes this tractor more powerful. 4 stroke diesel engine provides 2780 cc engine power to work in heavy-duty load also. Hydraulic lifting capacity for this model is 1800 kg and fingertip control of hydraulic helps to work with uniform depth.

Maximum backup torque and maximum speed make this tractor best for any kind of agricultural operations. Low maintenance and easy availability of spare parts make it affordable to farmers.

The ergonomic design of that tractor makes it comfortable to work for long hours without any fatigue. Look wise this is the best tractor for modern Indian Agriculture.

Sonalika DI 42 Sikander is the best tractor model in the 42 HP category. This 2WD tractor model is great in performance as compared to Swaraj 843 XM tractor, which is also in the 42 HP category.

3 cylinder, four-stroke, DI, water-cooled, diesel engine provides 2891 cc engine power, so the tractor can work without any interruption for a long time.

With 42 HP engine power and 1800 rated RPM, this tractor model provides 197 Nm torque, which makes it best in traction performance. Hydraulic system well equipped for this model with power steering and 1800 hydraulic lifting capacity.

Bigger Size Rotavators can easily operate with this tractor, which makes this model ‘king of fields ‘.

Like the above tractor sonalika RX 42 Sikander also comes with 42 HP categories. The powerful HDM engine provides 2891 CC engine power and 197 Nm torque.

This tractor is fully designed with modern stylish and ergonomic design. The huge 55 lit capacity fuel tank reduces the number of refueling. A wide platform makes this tractor comfortable for any kind of work.

Bigger radiator with an overflow reservoir enhances the performance of the tractor. The digital instrument cluster helps in better driving at night. This tractor is perfect for transportation with its 34.94 km/hr maximum speed. Best tractor for Indian small farmers due to its low maintenance cost.

Conclusion– Sonalika Sikander Series tractors specially designed to improve the productivity of small farmers in India. All the above-mentioned tractor models are available at KhetiGaadi with specifications and the best tractor price.

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