All in Detail About John Deere Gear Pro Tractor Series

All in Detail About John Deere Gear Pro Tractor Series

John Deere Tractor Series is one of the pioneers of the Indian Tractor industry. John Deere started their Journey in 1837 but in India, operations started in 1998. Pune is the headquarters of John Deere in India.

John Deere tractors Provide an affordable range of tractors from 28 HP – 120 HP category. The company offers a large variety of 2WD tractors and 4WD tractors to the Indian market.

Suitable Agriculture types of equipment are also available at John Deere. In short, John Deere is a world-leading tractor manufacturer company, over the years John Deere has contributed to farming in India by introducing products in various segments of the Agricultural value chain including seeding, harvesting and post-harvesting farm equipment.

John Deere tractors are very popular in the India Market. John Deere provides the best quality products at the best price.

John Deere always designs their tractor according to the farmer’s needs to improve their productivity. Indian modern farmers attract John Deere tractors due to their stylish look, high technology, best performance, less maintenance, and high productivity.

John Deere always comes with new technology; they provide several tractor series to Indian farmers. Here we are going to discuss John Deere Gear Pro series tractors in detail….

John Deere Gear pro series tractors generally designed for industrial purposes. These tractors are equipped with diesel coolers that protect the tractor from overheating so long-time operations could be easily done without interruption.

This series of John Deere tractors provides extra backup torque, which enhances the performance of the tractor.

John Deere 5210 Gear Pro tractor available in 50 HP range. In this 2WD tractor, 50 HP engine is available with a dry-type dual-element air filter, which helps in the best power performance. a 68 lit huge fuel tank helps in work without interruption.

The best transmission system equipped in this tractor with 12 + 4 gear system, dual-clutch, and oil-immersed brakes. The highest forward speed (31.5 km/hr) and reverse speed (22.1 km/hr) help in all kinds of agriculture and haulage operations.

The Best about the PTO system in this tractor is PTO type, which is the independent type and available in standard and economic PTO type.

The best hydraulic system provides great performance to the tractor, in this model automatic depth and draft control hydraulic available with 2000 kgf lifting capacity. This is the perfect model for those farmers who want to buy a new tractor in the 50 HP range.

As like above tractor, this tractor model is also available in 50 HP categories. This 4WD tractor model enhances the performance of the tractor in ploughing with Disc plough, harrow, Mould board plough.

12+4 gear system and collar shift gearbox provide a great transmission system to this tractor. Oil Immersed brake and Dual-clutch plate help in smooth driving.

The economic PTO system makes this tractor perfect for threshing. 2050 mm wheelbase ease of work in any crop pattern. This is a perfect model for Indian marginal farmers having land below 2 ha. 

John Deere 5405-GearPro 63 HP tractor model is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine, which makes it more powerful for agricultural and industrial work.

Dry-type dual-element air filter helps in this tractor helps to provide clean air which increases the productivity of the engine.

Synchromesh gear system helps in the smooth change of gears, which enhances the performance of the operator.

425 ground clearance makes it perfect for irregular land also. This is the best tractor for industrial and agricultural work.

As we know 4WD tractors are perfect for ploughing in any type of soil with less slippage. This tractor model is also available in the 63 HP range as above one.

With this tractor, farmers can easily operate rotavator, plough, cultivator, etc. The best part of this tractor is electric quick raise and lower, which helps in the attachments of farm implements.

Suspended pedals and steering available in this model, give a premium feel to the operator. This best tractor for comfortable work.

Conclusion – John Deere gear pro series tractors are the best tractors for industrial and agricultural work. with these tractors’ operators could work without interruption or overheating for a long time. All the above tractor models are available at KhetiGaadi

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