Sonalika GT-20 4WD: Value For Money Tractor in India

Sonalika GT-20 4WD: Value For Money Tractor in India

Sonalika Tractors are a conviction that agri-mechanization can have a positive impact on people’s lives and improve agricultural prosperity. Sonalika, one of the top tractor brands in India and the No. 1 exporter from the nation, is on a transformational path to becoming a mega Agri brand with the purpose of driving agro evolution. The firm keeps innovating along the entire Agri value chain by meeting farmers’ needs with both its affordable and expensive tractor lines.

Sonalika tractors are dedicated to keeping its basic values, which include providing great service and a concern for the farming community. The tractor company encourages collaboration and innovation among its staff members and works to establish relationships based on trust. In the field of Farm Mechanization, production of heavy-duty, high-end tractors with 20–120 HP and cutting-edge technology are built-in Sonalika tractors.

As one of the top brand names in the tractor sector is Sonalika. Sonalika makes a lot of tractors and ships them to other nations. Sonalika tractors are renowned for their cutting-edge engineering. Sonalika tractor models operate more effectively. For Indian farms, Sonalika Company offers top-notch tractor types. Sonalika, an Indian company, is a firm believer in giving farmers access to the newest agricultural machinery while also taking their needs into consideration. Sonalika has created the Sonalika GT-20 4WD tractor with advanced technologies. Among these all the high Hp range tractors Sonalika GT-20 4WD is the most popular tractor. Farmers choose this 20 Hp tractor for its value-for-money services. Especially for small land farmers, the Sonalika firm created the Sonalika GT-20 4WD tractor. According to the needs of the farmers, it is specifically for local farmers and small land farmers.

One of the most well-known mini tractor models from the Sonalika tractor line is the Sonalika GT 20. The 20 HP Sonalika GT 20 mini-tractor is part of the Sonalika India range. The fuel economy and dependability of this tractor’s engine are well known. Additionally, a variety of service centres and lower servicing charges make this brand the preferred brand among farmers. This tractor has a number of cutting-edge features that contribute to higher farm productivity.

A tractor with 4 wheels is the Sonalika GT-20. Excellent features and specifications are included. It is frequently utilised for tasks including harvesting, ploughing, and cultivation. The Sonalika GT-20 is a 20 HP tractor with three cylinders, a fantastic performing oil bath, and the option of mechanical steering for smooth operation. Additionally, it has a lifting hydraulic capacity of 600 kg and is simple to use with other farm applications. 

Sonalika GT 20, a modified tractor in the 20 HP range, was created especially for the prosperity of Maharashtrian farmers. At 2700 rated RPM, the GT 20’s potent 3-cylinder 20 HP engine provides exceptional performance and productivity. For effective functionality, the GT 20 also has a heavy-duty Sliding Mesh type 6 Forward and 2 Reverse gearbox transmissions and a Single Clutch clutch option. For the better comfort of Maharashtra farmers, it is equipped with an ergonomic seat in addition to the mechanical steering option.

The GT 20 provides superior vehicle control with OIB brakes and has 127mm – 304.8mm (5.0 – 12) / 132.08mm – 355.6mm (5.20 – 14) front and rear tyre sizes. Additionally, it has a 650 kg lift capacity and precise hydraulics for the best operational outcomes. The cutting-edge Sonalika GT 20 is a technological marvel best suited for Maharashtra’s crop and soil unique requirements, consequently serving to generate more money with improved output. It was designed for a variety of applications including haulage, rotavator, sprayer, cultivator, and plough.

For agricultural tasks including tilling, levelling, planting, puddling, transporting, and harvesting, the Sonalika GT 20 can be used with a variety of attachments. The commercial use sector enjoys popularity for this utility-based tractor. The cost of the Sonalika GT 20 ranges from 3.8 Lakh – 9.25 Lakh. The greatest tractor for commercial and agricultural use is the Sonalika GT 20.

Every farmer chooses a tractor that is affordable and meets all of their requirements. It can be challenging to find the greatest tractor at an affordable price. The cost of the Sonalika GT 20 ranges from Rs. 3.8 Lakh – 9.25 Lakh. The price listed for the tractor is its ex-showroom cost. RTO fees, road tax, and numerous additional fees are all included in the Sonalika GT 20’s on-road price. Consequently, a tractor’s on-road cost may range depending on where you live. Sonalika GT 20 initially costs 3.8 Lakh rupees.

In comparison to rival brands, Sonalika has a good resale value. After use, you can determine your tractors’ optimum worth. The condition, number of hours used, and age of the tractor all affect its resale value. Consequently, you can find the best tractor under Rs. 4 lakhs at KhetiGaadi mobile application.


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