Popular Shaktiman Agriculture Machinery In India

Popular Shaktiman Agriculture Machinery In India

In agriculture, there are several tools and machinery that plays a vital role in an operation. Farmers always demand good quality implements, tools, and machines that are advanced technology-based, best in operation for the farming practices. 

In this blog, you will get to know about the best Shaktiman implement machines that are mostly used by farmers. 

There are so many companies that manufacture implements and machines for the use of the farmers or other commercial uses. One of the prominent companies in the farm implement based in India, named Tirth Agro Technology Pvt Ltd which owns the Shaktiman brand is inaugurated in 1977 in Gujarat, India.

focused on developing and designing advanced technological machines especially suitable for the crops like turmeric, onion crops, potato, etc. The main implement manufacturing at larger units is Rotary Tillers. 

Shaktiman is a leading farm manufacturing company in India. The company is a big exporter of the types of machinery in 77 countries or more. The company set up its plant in Gujarat (Rajkot) and also developed with all the facilities to produce the Hi-Tech farm machines fin the other parts of India like Telangana.

The company believed in providing large quantities of machines for easy and fast operation in agriculture. In the parts of the 200-acre site of Telangana, the company produced several machines like flail mowers, compost shredders, seed drills, power harrows, rotary tillers, etc.

Apart from this, the company also proposed to generate employment opportunities for 500 people and indirect employment upto 1500 people. Shaktiman is the center of excellence that aims at producing world-class implements and machines and also helps the farmers or students by upgrading their skills.

The center of excellence aims to improve the process of farming by introducing advanced techniques and help in the skill up-gradation of the farmers and students. The training is provided to them with an aim of transforming farmers to entrepreneurs that helps in increasing the crop yields at low operating costs.

Shaktimaan is the market leader in India that effectively works on manufacturing superior quality of Rotary Tillers and other machines at low operating costs that have helped the farmers by providing these machines to all the parts of India and other countries with the help of more than 100 dealers.

The state of art is equipped with advanced technology in the machines, designed with good quality raw materials and other input devices. 

Why To Chose Shaktiman Implement

 Shaktiman implement is best used for different categories in agriculture

such as:

  • Shaktiman’s best-implemented product is Rotary Tiller.
  • Shaktiman implement comes at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • Shaktiman implements are superior in quality and available in a wide range of products.
  • Shaktiman implements are good for harvesting, sowing, planting, and crop residue management.
  • Shaktiman implements work effectively during the operation of agriculture purposes.

Types of Products produced By The Shaktiman Brand

There are different kinds of product range produced by the Shaktiman brands with highly advanced technology and produced with good quality of raw materials. Some of them are:

  • Seedbed Preparation
  • Sowing and Planting
  • Crop Management
  • Harvesting
  • Crop Residue Management

Popular Shaktiman Implements

There are different kinds of Shaktiman implements available in India. The company served different products for the purpose of agriculture farming practices. Here you come to know about the popular Shaktiman Implement products their features, usage, and price. So, let’s begin with the first product:

Shaktiman Seedbed Preparation – Shaktiman seedbed preparation is the best implementation used for various applications. These applications are produced for Indian farmers. In Shaktiman Seedbed Preparation there are several other products to operate for various purposes. Some of the briefs are:

Shaktiman Fertilizer Broadcaster – Shaktiman Fertilizer Broadcaster is the latest technology also available with two variants one is conical fertilizer broadcaster and square fertilizer broadcaster.

The conical fertilizer broadcaster is used to spray fertilizer in larger areas of the field. It also helps to improve the organic structure of the land. Square Fertilizer Broadcaster is designed specifically in square shape and helps to spray granular or crystalline fertilizers. The uniform speed ensures increased soil fertility.

Shaktiman Power Harrow – Power Harrow Shaktiman implement is unique in designs available in different models with heavy-duty soil bed preparations in a wide area.

Shaktiman Rotary Tiller – Shaktiman Rotary Tiller is best known for seedbed preparation for various farmland preparations. Rotary tillers are also available in different models with an aim of working with different soil conditions and giving more output.

Some of the famous Shaktiman Rotary tiller models are -Tusker Rotary Tiller, Rotary Tiller Mini-Series, Ultra Light Rotary Tiller, Regular Plus Rotary Tiller. Rotary Tillers are the best product by the Shaktiman introduced with advanced features that can easily be attached with the tractors and used for the operation in the agriculture farmland.

Shaktiman Compost Spreader – Shaktiman Compost Spreader is best in operation with hydraulic as well as mechanical efficiency. It can be easily attached with a three-point linkage system. 

Shaktiman Sowing And Planting – Shaktiman sowing and planting is one of the best products implemented in the Shaktiman group. The mechanical Seed drill is best for spreading fertilizer of wheat, rice oats, peas, etc. Hydraulic Post Hole Digger is one of the other implementers used to work in every type of soil and also for planting purposes.

Shaktiman Harvesting Implement – Shaktiman Harvesting Implement is very effective and used for various applications. These applications are sugarcane harvester, paddy harvester, Self Propelled Harvester. Paddy Master 3776 is a machine made of specific features. It is easy to operate and fits grain fodder.

Shaktiman Best Rotary Tiller Products

Shaktiman Rotary Tiller U-series U 72

Shaktiman Rotary Tiller Mini-Series

Shaktiman Rotary Tiller 

Shaktiman Power Harrow SRP – 9

Shaktiman Sprayer Protektor 600-400

From Where You Can Get The Shaktiman Implement

Shaktiman’s best implements are available in many parts of India. Thus, if looking for an instant booking that is good for your farm contact to KhetiGaadi webpage or directly contacts executives.

The implements are easily available in your nearby area by just connecting with the authorized dealers and get farm implement for your farmland.  Don’t wait and book implements with Shaktiman brand. 

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