All in Detail About Different Variants of Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 Tractor

All in Detail About Different Variants of Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 Tractor

Indian farm tractors assume a significant part in the Indian agrarian area, there are so numerous farm vehicle brands in Indian, however, Escorts farm vehicles are the pioneer of the Indian farm tractor industry.

Escorts tractors give the ideal solution for the Indian farmers with the Farmtrac, Powertrac farm tractor, and recently dispatched Digitrac, etc. 

Escorts tractor vehicles accessible at a truly sensible cost to small farmers in India, so farmers get the ideal farm hauler at low costs and endeavors. Escort farm tractors give a wide scope of work vehicles in close to all tractor HP classes.

Any sort of farm implement effectively operable with accompanies tractor vehicles, so accompanies demonstrate a shelter for the Indian marginal farmers. 

Escorts Powertrac Tractors 

Powertrac Tractors are accessible at more force and productivity at a sensible cost. Powertrac Tractors are known for their low fuel utilization and ideal mileage during horticultural or commercial work.

Powertrac tractor vehicles give extraordinary execution to the farmers.

These are the most productive tractor vehicles with power going between 25 HP to 60 HP.

Powertrac tractor vehicles are exceptionally planned with the thought of the Indian conditions and farmer circumstances, so Escorts Powertrac tractor vehicle is the best solution for the Indian farmers.

Escorts Powertrac Euro Tractors

Escorts Powertrac Euro tractors are designed with a stylish look and numerous features.

In this Euro tractor series so many variants available in the Indian market for farmers. Care button available in these tractors connect operator with company for 24×7. 

PTO-related operations are easily carried out with these tractors. All the euro series tractor works at low rpm.

Heavy Duty company-fitted pump makes this tractor perfect for any agricultural operation. 4 variants are available in these tractors – Valuemaxx, Agmaxx, Loadmaxx, Supermaxx, etc.


Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 is a 2WD tractor model available with a 3-cylinder engine and 45 HP engine power at 2200 engine rated RPM.

Constant-mesh side shift transmission system makes this tractor perfect for all types of works. Single and dual-clutch options and oil-immersed brakes available in this tractor prove that this tractor is equipped with a perfect hydraulic system.

1500 hydraulic lifting capacity and automatic depth and draft control system available in this tractor model make this tractor perfect for operability with any type of farm implement.

Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 Plus

Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 plus is a 47 HP tractor model equipped with a 3-cylinder engine with 2761 displacement CC and 2000 engine rated RPM.

41-50 HP Range in Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 Plus tractor is best for puddling operations. The transmission system which includes gears, reverse, and forward speed, the functioning of brakes, and the power of the single and dual-clutch system help this tractor for better performance.

Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 Plus tractor available in the 2WD option. The hydraulic system makes turning easier which is also used for lifting attachments and implements. This is a perfect tractor in the 45-50 HP category.

Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 Plus 4WD

Escorts Powertrac Euro 45 Plus 4WD is a 47 HP category tractor model available with a 3-cylinder tractor engine and 2000 rated RPM which produces 2761 Displacement cc power.

8 + 8 gears available in this tractor model provide full speed options to the operator at any condition. Multiple oil-immersed brakes make this tractor safer and reduce the chances of accidents.

Epicyclic reduction at the front axle makes this tractor perfect in a 4-wheel drive pattern. Power steering option available in this tractor model help to simplify all kind of agricultural operations. This is a perfect tractor for puddling operations in the paddy field. 


Escorts Powertrac Euro tractor series available with a great look, advanced technology, perfect functioning, and in 4 variants in the Indian market. Euro tractors help to simplify farmers’ life in India. All the above-mentioned tractors are available at

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