John Deere New Launched Modern Technology in Tractor Industry

John Deere New Launched Modern Technology in Tractor Industry

Modern Technology: John Deere Tractors is one of the pioneers of the Indian Tractor industry. John Deere foots their Journey in 1837. In India, operations started in the year 1998.

The main plant of John Deere in India is located in Pune in Maharashtra. John Deere tractors Provide an affordable range of tractors from 28 HP – 120 HP category to Indian Farmers.

The company offers a large variety of 2WD tractors and 4WD tractors to the Indian market. John Deere tractors is a world-leading tractor manufacturer company.

Over the years John Deere has contributed to farming in India by introducing products in various segments of the Agricultural value chain including seeding, harvesting, and post-harvesting farm equipment.

John Deere tractors are popular in the Indian market and John Deere provides the best quality products at the best price.

John Deere always designs their tractor according to farmer’s needs to improve their productivity.

John Deere always comes with new technology like a collar shift gearbox, oil-immersed brakes, planetary gear reduction system. The company provides several tractor series to Indian farmers.

Here we are going to discuss John Deere’s new launch technology in tractors with detailed information….

Indian agriculture Impacted by Mega Trends

  • Reduction in the Water table
  • Uncertain weather
  • Arable land
  • Labour shortage
  • World Population
  • Change in diet

New Technology: Key of the Agricultural Sector

  • John Deere launched new technology in 2019 in three parts
  • Power – Pro Series – Higher Horsepower Tractors
  • 4WD – Option in More Tractor Variants
  • JD Link – Help in Tracking tractor in mobile phone

John Deere launched new Technology in 2020 in two parts

Gear – Pro Technology

Tractors are designed with this Gear – Pro technology are equipped with advanced modern technologies. The range of multiple gears is the key point in this technology. With the help of this range of multiple gears, farmers can choose speed options according to their needs. Fuel consumption is also gets reduced by this new technology.

So, the operation costs for farmers are automatically reduced and farmer income will be increased. Each tractor in Gear – Pro technology is available with a 4-speed range, farmers can choose 12 + 4-speed options according to their implementation need.

Farmers can comfortably work with this tractor because there is no need to change gears again and again. Due to the perfect speed, tire slippage issues also get reduced so fuel consumption automatically decreases.

All Gear pro series tractors are equipped with the EQRL system which helps to attach and detach implement by farmer’s own self without any other’s help. 38 percent back-torque in these tractors help to work in any agricultural operation.

John Deere launches three tractors in Gear pro technology

  • John Deere 5210 Gear – Pro
  • John Deere 5310 Gear – Pro
  • John Deere 5405 Gear – Pro

For Detail information about the above tractors check our previous blog – All in Detail About John Deere Gear Pro Tractor Series

Auto Trac Technology

John Deere always tries to simplify farmers’ life in farm operations. Auto Trac technology help to simplify farmers’ work in farmland.

This technology helps to track a perfectly straight line while working in the field with high productivity. This straight-line track helps in ridge and furrow making, soil adding according to crop, basically with system farmers can work at the agricultural field with great perfection.

This high-tech overseas technique is available in India for our small and marginal farmers only because of John Deere tractors.

This system helps framers in the row cropping pattern field. With this technology with the help of GPS farmers can drive a tractor in a perfectly straight line in the field in any condition just like the car.

Basically, this technology helps in hands-free straight-line driving. This system is equipped with a satellite receiver, Touch Screen Display, and ATU 300 unit which is located at the steering unit.

John Deere launches One tractor Auto Trac Technology

Conclusion – John Deere tractors always try to provide a perfect solution for farmers and ensure that agricultural work more simplifies for Indian small and marginal farmers. All the above-mentioned tractor models are available at just go and check it.

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