Why You Need a Post-Hole Digger ?

Why You Need a Post-Hole Digger ?

Post Hole Digger : A tool for digging narrow, deep holes, allow me to backtrack. As a fan of old-fashioned hand tools, I wouldn’t want to overlook the many virtues of a manual post-hole digger!

This simple tool, composed of two handles joined near the base with a pair of shovel blades on each end, is designed to dig deep holes by hand. While it’s not as fast as an auger, it useful for digging narrow, deep holes.

1. They Don’t Need Gas

A handheld auger, like any machine with a small engine, requires routine maintenance and a steady supply of fuel. Whereas an auger can run out of gas at an inconvenient time—like when you’re at the far edge of a pasture and a quarter mile from your tool shed—an old-fashioned post-hole digger runs on manpower. If you provide the power.

2. They’re Easy To Use

Some augers can be heavy and difficult to control, requiring more than one person to use. This is far from the case with a simple which can be used by a single person and requires no special effort to prepare. You simply pick it up and start digging.

3. They’re Easy To Transport

Machines like augers require a certain amount of care to avoid damage, but a post-hole digger is essentially two shovels connected together—you’re not going to easily damage it, so don’t hesitate about throwing it in a wagon or the back of a pickup truck.

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