Why You Must Think Twice Before Using Organic Pesticides

Why You Must Think Twice Before Using Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticides : A healthy yard and garden do not need pesticides. Frequent use of weed and feed products and other chemicals that kill insects and weeds can create a less vigorous lawn and plants, and can also put the health of kids, family members, and pets at risk.

Usually, chemicals are sort of the last resort in the insect- or pest-management plan. It shouldn’t be your first, go-to control.  Choose a chemical that’s going to work the best to control that pest and have the least impact on other pests.

Organic Pesticides are those that are derived from natural sources.


  • Keep your family – especially children and pets – safe from the dangers of pesticides.
  • Save the money you would have spent purchasing chemicals.
  • Save time you would have spent applying chemicals.
  • Prevent pesticides from polluting the natural environment.

How to Protect Plants Naturally

  • Follow the other steps of natural yard care to build strong, pest-resistant plants.
  • Identify pests, weeds or diseases before using any controls. Only 5 percent of bugs in your yard are pests!
  • Try non-toxic controls (i.e. traps, barriers, fabric row covers, soaps or horticultural oils) first.
  • As a last resort, choose the least toxic chemical pesticides and follow label directions precisely.
  • Learn to recognize beneficial insects – nature’s best pest managers.

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