Reasons to Eat Real Food: “Improve Nutrition”
ways to appreciate all parts that certain plants have to offer.

Reasons to Eat Real Food: “Improve Nutrition”

Nutrition: We understand you want to look good, feel well and live a long time. We all do.

It’s true, there are no guarantees for sublime health and a long, happy life. But, there are some key things within our control when it comes to our diet and what we eat. What we choose to eat plays a tremendous role in our health and longevity.

Here are ways to appreciate all parts that certain plants have to offer.

Strawberries offer a good example of eating whole: You can reduce waste and improve Nutrition by eating more of what plants have to offer.

Strawberry Leaves & Watermelon Seeds

Strawberry leaves are not at all harmful, and they are packed with great nutrients our bodies need, such as vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavonoids.Commercially available diarrhea medications include extracts from strawberry leaves, and a tea made from the leaves is a good sore throat gargle. 

Wiser foodies recommend not to eat the raw watermelon seeds best either roasted or sprouted. Soaking any type of seed, bean or nut removes inhibiting layers and activates enzymes that make them more digestible.

Nutrition is about eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Un-learn Waste

It’s partially our cultural conditioning that teaches us to separate certain parts of our foods. Like cutting the crust off a sandwich, we learn to dislike certain foods from an early age. It’s also a biological and survival strategy that has involved our taste buds for millennia. We have co-evolved with plants. It’s only natural that we eat fruits because they are sweet while we spit out bitter things, such as seeds and leaves. Visit KhetiGaadi.

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