Top 10 Apps Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture

Top 10 Apps Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture

New Tractor & Old Tractor : With a proliferation of government-supported agriculture centers and agriculture app companies, India stands poised to empower Indian farmers and guide them towards more profitable farming. The Myfarm app, Kisan farmer app and other similar apps for Indian farmer provide the Kisan farmer with a veritable platform for a farmer and agri-expert discussions and cover organic farming, crop protection, the best tractor in India, and more.

Let’s look at the 10 top agriculture apps that are revolutionizing Indian farming:

1. New Tractor & Old Tractors- KhetiGaadi

The KhetiGaadi app provides a platform for farmer awareness about the benefits of farm mechanization for Indian farmers. One of the best agriculture apps in India and one of the best apps for Indian farmer education, its user-friendly interface details farming tractors, tractor agricultural implements, and other farm equipment. The Kisan farmer can easily find the best tractor in India via this app as well as others like the Myfarm app and the Kisan farmer app,

In the New Tractor section, farmers discover new tractors from different tractor brands and, in the New Implements section, the latest in tractor implements technology. They can view Mahindra tractor models, Tafe tractors models, Massey Ferguson tractor models in India, and New Holland tractor models in India. They can find out the Massey Ferguson tractor models price as well as the Mahindra tractor price, the New Holland tractor price, the John Deere tractor price, and prices of other agriculture tractor brands. The latest Mahindra tractor, Mahindra Yuvo tractor, New Holland tractor, and John Deere tractors are expensive, but, fortunately, the Old Tractors section has affordable options.

The Sell and Rent Tractor agriculture app sections have tractors for sale and rent. The Compare Tractors & Implements section offers agri-expert tractor reviews and tractor model comparisons to find the best tractor in India for agriculture. Farmers can learn about tractor financing. The Tractor Dealers & Service Centers and the Tractor News sections also offer an essential information.

2. IFFCO Kisan – Agriculture App

IFFCO Kisan agriculture app informs Indian farmers about local weather conditions, mandi prices, and crops that suit their agro-climatic zone. The Gyan Bhandar section has agriculture resources while Through the Ask Our Experts feature connects farmers with agri-experts. The agriculture app also has a platform for farmer marketplace sales. Using such apps for Indian farmer enlightenment will make a huge difference in Indian agriculture.

3. Farmer’s Portal India

Through this platform for farmer interaction, the Kisan farmer can learn about dealers, types, and usage of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other farm machinery. The Crop Management section covers organic farming and other farming practices. The Post Harvest section covers storage, crop prices, and the state-wise market price for different commodities. The Risk Management agriculture app section informs about drought-affected areas, soil fertility maps, contingency plans, and more. Farmers can learn about markets in the Exports Imports section, and contact nation-wide soil testing laboratories and download their local soil health card in the Soil Health Card section.

4. Kisan Suvidha

The Weather feature provides weather reports and extreme weather alerts. The Dealers feature covers dealers of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and farm machinery. Farmers can check current regional and crop-wise market prices with the Market Price feature. In Plant Protection, they can learn about crop diseases, weed management, crop protection, and crop maintenance. They can consult agri-expert via the Agro Advisories section, or call a toll-free number through the Kisan Call Centre (KCC). Farmers can learn about soil types and storage facilities via the Soil Health Card and theCold Storages and Godowns features.

5. MyAgriGuru

This app for Indian farmers is an agro connect between the Indian Kisan and agricultural experts. In the theAgriBuzz section, farmers can swap farming information, success stories, and concerns. The Crop section covers organic farming, crop sowing, crop protection, pest management, weather conditions, and crop prices. The Kisan farmer can consult aMyAgriGuruagri-expert about crop issues. The Market Price section gives mandi bhav prices and the regional weather forecast. The Tip of the Day section and the More sections enrich the Indian Kisan with useful tips and information about government schemes and subsidies, organic farming, the latest agriculture news, and new technologies.

6. AgroStar Agri-Doctor

The Krishi Charchaagriculture appsectionconnectsIndian farmers and the AgroStar Agri-Doctoragri-experts. Farmers can upload content about their agricultural issues. The app provides localized weather reports and informs farmers on crop protection methods. The app’s shop provides a platform for farmers necessary items like seeds, pesticides, tractors, and pumps. The Krishi Gyaan section informs farmers about growing crops, crop diseases, and crop nutrition. The app’s offline mode allows farmers to access previously visited content without an Internet connection.

7. Kisan Abhimaan

One of many different apps for Indian farmer conveniences like the Myfarm app and the Kisan farmer app, the Kisan Abhimaan app serves as a marketplace to sell and buy vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, spices, and flowers across India. Farmers, retailers, and wholesale dealers can create selling lists for their produce and search for potential buyers. Individuals, organizations, hotels, and restaurants can create buying lists and buy directly from a farmer, a retailer, or a wholesale dealer. The search feature lets users find various produce and their sellers as well as transporters, agriculture experts, fertilizer suppliers, exporters, cold storage providers, agriculture equipment suppliers, and veterinarians.

8. My Farmer

Consumers, vendors, and wholesale dealers can buy farm produce directly from the Kisan farmer via this app. Farmers can list their produce and product details. Buyers can post ads about the produce they seek. The app lets farmers contact an agri-expert as well as government agriculture departments and other agencies to clarify their agriculture problems. The Farmer News Feed section has advisories about water supply shortage and the possibility of heavy rainfall in various areas.

9. AgriplazaFarmschool

Like the Myfarm app and the Kisan farmer app, the Agriplaza Marathi app focuses on empowering farmers with technical knowledge about farming practices. Farmers can register on this Krushi Marathi app and take free e-learning modules on organic farming various agricultural topics. These include crop cultivation, pest and disease, fungicides and insecticides, plant protection, and crop protection. The farmers can watch informative agriculture videos, get crop specific information, and purchase agricultural products.

10. Krushi Mitra

This agriculture app covers organic farming practices for various crops. Farmers can learn about seed varieties and prices, crop diseases, organic pesticides, soil testing, and soil fertility. They can get tips about agricultural techniques and check their land records and daily mandi rates. They can learn about crop insurance and government schemes and subsidies.

Along with the above farmer facilitation apps, farmers can benefit from Kisan farmer apps like the Climate Fieldviewapp by the Climate Corporation, the Mandibhav app, the farmer Crop Survey app, the Kisan Seva app, the Plant and Crop Protection app, the JagtikKrushi Mahotsav2019 app, the Myfarm app, and the Kisan farmer app. With so many apps for Indian farmer upliftment, Indian farming will become more productive and profitable.

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