Popular New Holland Tractor Models 2022

Popular New Holland Tractor Models 2022

New Holland is a renowned European tractor manufacturer, that wants to get into the mainstream market in India, where it will compete with other local tractor manufacturers.

New Holland has begun developing a line of tractors in the 25-40 hp category as part of its plan to increase its market share in this segment. These new tractors will allow New Holland to provide an entry point for potential tractor buyers into its brand while also extending its range to attract new customers.

The business had previously improved its 45 and 49.5 horsepower models. New Holland will be present in the complete product range accessible in the country with its entry into the sub-30 horsepower segment.

New Holland’s popular tractors in 2022 are mentioned below:

New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition

The design of the New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition is remarkable. It is taller and has a higher productivity level. It is high-quality and extremely productive. It features with a 6-year warranty.

Farmers use New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition tractors for more efficient operations in the field. Because of the greatest fuel tank volume, it is excellent for long hours of operation. The pricing of a New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition tractor is reasonable which starts from 8.1 Lakh – 9 Lakh.

New Holland 3032 Nx:

As we all know, New Holland is one of India’s most well-known tractor manufacturers. The best tractor in the 35 HP category is the New Holland 3032 Nx. This tractor can turn at a speed of 2000 RPM. Simpsons TIIIA S324 engine is available in New Holland 3032 Nx. When it comes to displacement in cubic centimeters, this incredible tractor will provide you with 2365 cubic centimeters.

The New Holland 3032 Nx has three strong cylinders and a fuel tank size of 42 liters. With this tractor, you’ll get a mechanical brake system. The New Holland 3032 Nx has a PTO horsepower of 34. This model comes with both mechanical and power steering. This tractor can easily lift 1500 kg. The on-road price of this tractor starts from 5.9 Lakh – to 6.7 Lakh.

New Holland 3600-2 TX:

The New Holland 3600-2 TX has many great features, including a totally constant mesh transmission system. This tractor runs smoothly and effectively. The water cooling system also prevents the tractor from overheating an engine. Eight forward gears and Three reverse gears are assembled in this tractor. This tractor has the highest possible speed. This tractor comes with an oil bath air filter and fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 60 liters. The engine on the New Holland 3600-2 TX tractor is excellent. This tractor is more adaptable and has a higher top speed. The combined weight of this tractor is 2055 kg. This popular tractor is available in the range of 7.5 Lakh – 8.1 Lakh.

New Holland Excel 6010 4WD:

The New Holland EXCEL 6010 tractor has four-wheel drive. This tractor is simple to run and maintain. Due to the presence of the largest fuel tank capacity, it is the most efficient mileage tractor that can work for longer operations. It’s an excellent combination of a more powerful engine and a more efficient fuel tank. It has a fuel tank size of 60 liters. There are 12 forward and 12 reverse gears on this tractor.

The New Holland EXCEL 6010 is also capable of operating a rotavator, cultivator, planter, plough, and other implements. Due to its exceptional performance in both commercial and agricultural farming, this tractor is also in high demand among farmers. This tractor is available in the price range of 9.6 Lakh – 10.1 Lakh.

New Holland 3630 TX Super: 

New Holland is the best option for a powerful tractor with a dual-clutch. The New Holland 3630 TX Super is the first tractor to combine the FPT S8000 Series engine with Power Steering technology. This is important for a variety of agricultural tasks, including crop management and baler activities. This tractor has an oil-immersed brake system and a large capacity for backup torque production. 

The New Holland 3630 TX Super features a double-clutch for the easier farming operation. This tractor has a total lifting capacity of 1700 kg. When a tractor’s engine becomes overworked, it begins to damage itself, and this must stop working. The FPT S8000 Series engine of the New Holland 3630 TX Super helps the tractor provide more output.

Fully Constant-mesh or Partial Synchromesh transmissions are available on this tractor. This tractor has two driving modes: 2WD and 4WD, which will provide additional comfort. The pricing of this tractor ranges from 8.8 Lakh – to 9.6 Lakh.

New Holland 3230 Nx:

It is a modern, technologically advanced tractor. The company introduced the New Holland 3230 Nx, a new tractor in the NX series. This incredible tractor will redefine what an agricultural tractor is in the present day. This New For agricultural applications, the Holland 3230 Nx is designed to deliver high torque and swift acceleration.

Power steering and an oil-immersed multi-disk brake are featured on the New Holland 3230 Nx tractor. The New Holland 3230 Nx may provide nonstop PTO operations, reducing your working time.

A sensitive control valve on the New Holland 3230 Nx improves the tractor’s overall performance. The pricing of this New Holland 3230 Nx starts at 6.2 Lakh – 7 Lakh.

New Holland 3630 TX PLUS:

New Holland presents the New Holland 3630 Tx Plus, a new three-cylinder tractor. The meaning of tractor performance will be redefined with this new tractor. This New Holland 3630 Tx Plus is simple to operate and effective in over 35 agricultural tasks, including cultivation.

Rice, wheat, sugarcane, onion, and potatoes are all regular crops for the New Holland 3630 Tx Plus. Its strong design allows it to handle any type of farming job. With this tractor, you may use the most up-to-date implements including a rotavator, cultivator, and planter. This 55-horsepower tractor can generate up to 47-horsepower PTO.

For any type of farming activity, the New Holland 3630 Tx Plus will supply you with an 8 + 2 gearbox. The pricing of the New Holland 3630 Tx Plus tractor starts at 8 Lakh – 9.1 Lakh.

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