All in Detail About Kubota Top Mini Tractor in India– Part I

All in Detail About Kubota Top Mini Tractor in India– Part I

Modern Indian agriculture enhance day by day with farm mechanization. Farm mechanization in India always provides a perfect solution to the agriculture sector. Mini Tractor is the best tractor for Indian marginal farmers.

Sowing and puddling methods are easily done by the mini tractors. Due to compact size and light in weight, mini tractors are perfect for seed drill operations.

The narrow track width of the mini tractors is helped in the puddling operations and field operations in the narrow farmland.

Mini tractors in India are pocket friendly to Indian small farmers and they can operable with the near about all types of farm implements for agricultural and commercial use.

Kubota tractors are the Japanese based company that provides the best tractor to the Indian market with the latest technology and stylish look.

Kubota mini tractor is famous in the farming community in India. Kubota mini tractors can be used at the garden or fruit crops for spraying purposes too. Some Kubota mini tractor models are listed below with their detailed information, have a look. 

Kubota NEO STAR A211N 4WD

This Kubota tractor is also known as India’s narrowest tractor. Kubota NEO STAR A211N 4WD is a 21 HP tractor model equipped with the E-TVCS, Liquid-cooled, 3- cylinder diesel engine, which is known for Better pickup, and higher torque.

This is 4WD Tractor has more traction and driving power, which makes work more efficient also 4WD helps in Faster cultivation, quickens planting time with lesser soil compaction during seed drill operations resulting in increased yield and profit compared to 2WD tractors.

The narrow width of this tractor helps in operations at inter cultivation. Also, high Ground Clearance of 285 mm, 910 mm rear width, and 2.1 m short turning radius with easy maneuverability in narrow fields and is most suited for inter cultivation operations.

The design of the key-locked fuel tank cap available in this tractor model not only prevents debris from entering the fuel tank but also prevents the possibility of fuel theft.

Full open bonnet provided in this tractor model helps for easy maintenance at any time. The one-piece bonnet equipped in this tractor fully opens with a single touch for easy access to the battery and all parts of the engine compartment in order to perform regular maintenance.

This is the best tractor for Indian farmers, who look for the mini tractor at affordable tractor price in India.

Kubota A211N-OP Mini Tractor

This Kubota A211N – OP tractor model fitted with Super Draft Control, enhances operational efficiency, especially at dry field applications.

This is also a 21 hp tractor model equipped with an exceptionally durable and reliable engine manufactured by Kubota in Japan, known for its low-vibration engine featuring high power, high torque with clean emissions.

With the short turning radius in this Kubota A211N-OP tractor, movements in narrow places or between short ridges are completed smoothly without damage to crops. Due to narrow trackwidth, this tractor model is good for inter cultivation in 5ft rows.

The super draft control function available in this tractor model contributes to a reduction of slippage when using such implements as cultivators that require strong traction.

An additional advantage of the super draft control function is that it is never necessary to adjust the depth of cultivation with the result that makes operations easier.

The spaciousness of the wide, flat deck available in this tractor enables the driver to perform operations in the most comfortable way.

Design considerations in this tractor result in such parts as the air cleaner and muffler being securely placed beneath the bonnet to ensure they cannot be the cause of damage when operations are carried out beneath the branches of fruit trees or in vineyards.

Minimum ground clearance helps in steady and stable operations can be efficiently performed even in muddy fields or over rugged fields. This is a perfect tractor for the fruit crop fields.

Kubota MU 4501 2WD – Khetigaadi, Tractor, Agriculture- Video


Kubota tractor provides perfect Top mini tractors to Indian farmers. Above mentioned two tractors are the best itself, all specifications and tractor on road price available at, just go and check it.

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