Force Tractor Models In India 2022

Force Tractor Models In India 2022

Force Tractor has long been regarded as one of the top brands in the automobile business, not just in India but also in many other nations. It began with the goal of giving its clients tractors and farm equipment of the highest caliber. Force tractor is available in India at a reasonable price, and they never stop working to achieve their goals. The powerful engine found in Force tractors is derived from Mercedes, and they also have numerous other features that make driving comfortable and fieldwork simpler, such as a planetary rear axle, dual speed Power Take Off, and oil-immersed brakes. 

Force Tractors are dedicated to developing a culture that is motivated by performance and recognizes accomplishments. With the aid of Force Tractors’ international partners, their core team has gained significant competence in the design, development, and production of automobiles. They concentrate on creating items of high quality and great utility through excellent product design, cutting-edge production engineering, cutting-edge manufacturing, and creative marketing.

The best Force tractors in India for 2022 have been well listed and precisely compiled by KhetiGaadi, who fully understands the farmer’s requirements. This blog can help you in choosing the best Best Force tractor for you as per your need and financial vision.

Here is the list of top 10 force tractor models along with their details:

  1. Force Motors Sanman-5000:

A 2596 CC engine is included with the Force Sanman 5000 Tractor. Three of the tractor’s cylinders are loaded, producing 2200 engine-rated RPM. The powerful engine has a 45 HP output. The water cooling system stabilizes the engine’s temperature at all times, while the dry-type air filter maintains the engine dust-free.

7.8 Lakh – 8.1 Lakh is the price range for this farmer’s choice tractor Force Sanman 5000 Tractor.

  1. Force Motors Orchard DLX:

With a 1947 CC engine, the Force ORCHARD DLX LT engine capacity offers effective mileage on the field. The 3 cylinders in this tractor are loaded, producing 2200 engine-rated RPM. The engine has a 27 HP output and a 23 HP PTO. 540 engine-rated RPMs are used to power the six-splined PTO. This tiny tractor stands out because of its amazing combination of features.

A dry, dual-clutch plate is included with the Force Orchard DLX LT to ensure smooth functioning. The gearbox has an easy shift constant mesh transmission system and 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.

Additionally, Force Orchard DLX LT provides an exceptional range of forwarding and reverse speed.

  1. Force Motors Abhiman 4×4:

With a 1647 CC engine, the Force ABHIMAN tractor offers effective field mileage. This tractor has three cylinders, a 27 HP engine, and a 2200 RPM engine rated speed. In order to make the tractor compatible with other farm equipment, the six-spline PTO rotates at 540 engine-rated RPM. Throughout the life of the engines, the temperature is controlled by the water cooling system and the dry-type air filter.

The Twin Clutch (IPTO) for Force ABHIMAN is supported by Dry Mechanical Actuation. The gearbox comprises a constant mesh transmission mechanism with 8 forward + 4 reverse gears. To provide adequate grip and minimum slippage, it fits fully oil-immersed multi-plate sealed disc brakes. This Force tractor comes in the price range of 6.05 Lakh – 6.9 Lakh.

  1. Force Motors Orchard Mini:

A strong engine with a 1947 CC capacity is included with the Force Orchard Mini. This tractor has a 27 HP engine, three cylinders, and a multi-speed PTO. Engine-rated RPM while the tractor runs at 2200 engine-rated RPM. The dry air cleaner and water cooling system extends the engines’ typical life. The Force Orchard Mini tractor is made for cross-cultural farming. The farmer is able to carry out many applications thanks to its compact design. With the use of easy shift constant mesh transmission technology, it has 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.

The tractor can operate smoothly thanks to the dry dual-clutch plate. This Force Motors Orchard Mini comes in the price range of 5.05 Lakh – 5.8 Lakh.

  1. Force Motors Sanman-6000:

With a 2596 CC engine, the Force Sanman 6000 tractor travels efficiently on the field. Three of the tractor’s cylinders are loaded, producing 2200 engine-rated RPM. The tractor has a 50 engine horsepower. The efficient water cooling system and dry-type air filter keep an eye on the engine and lengthen its typical life.

The Force Sanman 6000 has a dry mechanically actuated dual-clutch.

The gearbox has 8 forward speeds and 4 reverse gears, all of which are supported by synchronized transmission technology. Force Sanman 6000 also provides exceptional forward and reverse speeds. For adequate traction, Fully Oil Immersed Multi-disc Brakes were used in its construction. This Force SANMAN 6000 tractor comes in the price range of 7.95 Lakh – 8.45 Lakh.

  1. Force Motors Balwan 400:

It has three cylinders and 40 horsepower. Engine force Balwan 400 capacity offers effective field mileage. One of the powerful tractors with good mileage is the Force Balwan 400. High performance in the field is a capability of the Balwan 400 2WD Tractor. Dry, two clutch plates are standard on the Force Balwan 400.

Its gearboxes are 8 Forward and 4 Reverse. Additionally, the Force Balwan 400 has a fantastic forward speed of kmph.

  1. Force Motors Balwan 500:

A 50 HP tractor is the Force Balwan 500 Tractor. Having a 2596 CC engine, the tractor. There are 4 cylinders in the tractor. The cost of the Force Tractor 50 HP is likewise quite reasonable. Dry Type Dual Clutch is present on the Force Balwan 500 Tractor. The tractor includes manual and optional power steering, which offers improved control and is simpler to use. Multi-Disc Oil Immersed Brakes on the tractor offer efficient braking and reduced slipping. This Force Motors Balwan comes at an affordable price of 7.25 Lakh – 7.6 Lakh.

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