Khetigaadi Farming: Best Ways You Can Better Market Sweet Peppers
Best Ways You Can Better Market Sweet Peppers

Khetigaadi Farming: Best Ways You Can Better Market Sweet Peppers

Farming is all about weighing risk and minimizing it. There is absolutely no way to be a farmer and not feel the effects of nature. There are so many variables working every second that contribute to the success or failure of our crops.

Ways You Can Better Market Sweet Peppers

Peppers have lots of potentials. You can grow different colors, sell the plants, market to restaurants, host tastings and make value-added products.

1. Sell Pepper Plants

selling starts is relatively easy so long as the plants look healthy and are in a nice package. Plants not only make a good addition to the early season market table, but they are a good way to start engaging the first customers of the year and getting them interested in your goods.

2. Grow Green As Well As Red

Green bells are just underripe red peppers (generally speaking), and you won’t want to take green peppers off plants designated as red peppers for obvious reasons (yield). Setting aside a specific section solely for green peppers will give you plenty of both.

3. Also Grow Other Colors

The many shapes, colors, and sizes of peppers are nice to have to keep things interesting your restaurants and you market customers. And there are large purple, yellow, white, orange and black peppers (and probably some other colors) to liven up the table.

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