A Tool Box Specifically For Fence Repair

A Tool Box Specifically For Fence Repair

     Farmer Tools : Farmers need lots of tools, and creating separate tool boxes for certain projects can save time. Here are some tips on organizing a fence repair tool box.   

Farmers need a lot of tools. It’s a fact of life, and of course, those tools are all completely necessary and, well, rather fun, too, regardless of whether you’re engaged in construction, tractor maintenance or fence repair.

Basically, fence repair tool box is a three-layered box. The top layer (built into the lid of the box) comprises numerous small compartments, the middle layer (which is removable) features a few bigger compartments, and the bottom layer is open and much more spacious to allow room for larger tools.

Here’s how you organized three-layer fence repair tool box , Famerer Tools:

Layer 1

The many small compartments (which seal tightly when the lid is shut) are perfect for organizing tiny objects, so this is the layer where I keep screws, nails, bolts, zip ties, electric wire insulators and similar supplies, all separated by type and size. I also keep several types and sizes of drill bits in this layer of the tool box, even though I generally recommend that you stick with a single type of screws.

Layer 2

With its larger compartments, the second layer is good for medium-size tools used in fence repairs such as pliers of all sorts (including locking pliers), wire cutters, a tape measure and a utility knife. The fact that this layer is removable (with a handle so that you can carry it around) makes it even more ideal for holding frequently used tools such as these.

Layer 3

The bottom of the tool box is where you keep the largest fence repair tools, such as a hammer, a ratchet (somewhat like this one ) for tightening electric fence wires, and a fence voltage tester to check that the fence is working properly at any given location. Unfortunately, the tool box isn’t quite wide enough to hold an electric drill, but this is probably just as well. After all, my electric drill receives such frequent use on other projects that it surely wouldn’t remain in a specific tool box for long.

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