Universal Agricultural Equipment is best For Farmlands

Universal Agricultural Equipment is best For Farmlands

Tractor implements are widely used for various operations. In agricultural farmland, implements are essential to perform various activities. These activities can be done with heavy-duty tractor machines or various Universal Agricultural Equipment.

There are several implements in various brands that are available in the market. These implements are performed for basic functions in the agricultural farmland. In this blog, we have covered Universal Implement types and their functions.

Universal Agricultural Equipment

‘Universal implements’ is a brand name under the company named Bharat Engineering Company is the largest manufacturing company in producing agricultural tillage equipment in parts of Africa and in Asia.

The company manufactures products according to the needs of the customers. The implements include a diverse range of products like DIsc Harrows, Rotary tillers (Rotavator), Spring-loaded and Rigid Cultivators(Tillers), Sub Soilers, Ridgers, etc. The company focused on producing good quality products that are long-lasting for both Indian and International markets.

Some of the important Universal Agricultural Equipment with their special features and uses are as follows:

Universal Rotary Tillers

Universal Rotary Tillers is a single speed gear drive implement that prepares the seedbed economically and quickly. Universal Rotary Tiller with single-speed gear drive is best suitable in both kinds of land conditions whether it is wet or dry. This design is made up of boron steel which exists for a longer duration. It is also available in C and L type blade options. If you are thinking of purchasing a Universal Rotary Tiller for your farmland need then an option with a single-speed gear drive is best for implementation.

Universal Rotary

Tiller is the best option and also available in Multi Speed Gear Drive, Univator, Mini-Series. Multi-Speed Gear Drive Rotary Tiller implement is best suitable for hard, medium, and soft soil conditions. Mini-Series Rotary Tiller is best suitable for soft and medium soil conditions. This kind of implement saves fuel because of the special router design and helical blade arrangement.

Universal Plough

Universal Plough implements are best in implement type. Universal Plough comes in four categories Mounted Disc Plough (Heavy Duty), Mounted Disc Plough (Standard Model), Mounted Disc Plough ( Universal Model), Mould Board Plough.

Mounted Disc Plough Heavy Duty implement is best for farmers in the usage of all kinds of soil: hard and in rooted areas. This implement is best in a tough condition where scouring is a major problem. This implement is available in 5 configurations.

Universal Mounted Disc Plough Standard Model moves smoothly and compatible with a variety of tractors. This implement is also good in hard and trashy conditions of the soil. This video will help you know more about plough.

Mounted Disc Plough Universal Model can handle the toughest ploughing with ease. A high-quality Boron Steel discs that last much longer. It is useful in hard and trashy land.

Mould Board Plough can handle the toughest ploughing jobs with ease. It is also suitable for hard soil and trashy areas. This implement is also available in 2,3,4 bottom configurations.

Universal Cultivators

Universal Cultivators are mostly in demand amongst the farmers. Universal cultivators are available in different models named Extra Heavy Duty Spring-loaded Cultivator, Universal Spring Loaded Cultivator, Medium Spring Loaded Cultivator, Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator, Medium Duty Rigid Cultivator.

Amongst these Universal Spring Loaded Cultivator and Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator is famous well famous amongst the farmers. Universal Spring-loaded Cultivator is well made and best in performance. It can work easily in soft and medium soil conditions. This implement is best in preparing seed beds quickly and economically. It offers high-quality reversible steel shovels.

Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator is best in performance even in hard and tough soil conditions. Its design is well made with a heavy-duty angle box frame. This implement is best in breaking hard soils efficiently and perfectly. The tillers are widely used to work in root and stone-free land. Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator can easily be attached to seed cum fertilizers.

Universal Agricultural Equipment Sub Soiler

The other best implement in the category of ‘Universal’ Implement brand is ‘Sub Soiler.’ A subsoiler is useful in breaking bigger lumps into smaller pieces. The universal subsoiler is best in improving soil drainage, reduces the risk of water runoff during heavy rain. It is available in an optional wide range of roller and crumbler.

Universal Trailers

Universal Trailers is easy to work in the flexibility of loading and unloading by tipping the trailer. Thus, it saves the operating cost of transportation. It is specially designed for towing and loading stability. It can work in different soil conditions due to heavy-duty frame structures. This implement is easily transportable.

Universal Land Levelers

Universal Land Levelers are widely used for ploughed fields and make them ready for cultivation. Universal Land Levelers are available in different products in Land Levelers like Laser Guided Land Leveler, Heavy Duty Land Leveler, Reversible Land Leveler.

Laser-Guided Land Leveler is used for cultivation. This implement reduces the time and best in irrigating the field. It is hassle-free, reliable, easy to operate. It helps in facilitating the uniform distribution of water in the field.

Reversible Land Leveler is a simple design implement that can easily attach to the tractor. It is useful for controlling flood irrigation. It is available with a dual three-point linkages system. It is fine at the surface level of the soil.

Universal Agricultural Equipment Ridgers

Universal Ridgers are the best working in the toughest conditions. The high quality ensures the toughest operations. Universal Ridgers is available in two categories Disc ridgers and tine ridgers. Disc Ridgers works in smooth operations and puts a minimal load on the tractor. Whereas, Tine ridgers works economically and smoothly while making ridgers for plantation of vegetables, sugarcane, and for similar purposes.


Thus, Universal implements are the most important implements amongst the farmers because of their greater efficiency and productivity. Universal implements can work in the toughest situation of soil conditions. It comes in various varieties of products. Each product implement performs well according to the needs of the farmers.

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