Let’s Compare Electric Tractor with Diesel Tractor

Let’s Compare Electric Tractor with Diesel Tractor

Diesel is the most famous fuel option in the agriculture sector. But from an environmental perspective, the agriculture sector contributes about 16.2 percent of the total Greenhouse gas emissions in India.

Agricultural productivity by farm mechanization in Indian agriculture is about 40 percent.

As per future fuel security, we must go with some renewable energy sources for power generation to keep our environment safe. But in practice, it is not easy to switch completely to renewable sources.

Here we are trying to solve the question in your mind: is which Tractor better for farmer Diesel tractors or Electric Tractors?

Electric Tractor

Talking from a farmer’s viewpoint, a farmer consistently searches for an approach to make cultivating simpler and more affordable. What’s more, to this issue, innovation is the arrangement.

Because of the decrease in fuel utilization, electric tractors are significant for cultivating since they work on batteries, making cultivating conservative.

Indeed, even as farmland pay being supported by the utilization of innovation, more should be possible to tackle the pressure on the farmers.

Since they are calmer and can build creation effortlessly, the electrical energy delivered by wind, sun, squanders, and creature compost and guarantee to be futurist answers for decreasing contamination and reliance on petroleum derivatives.

We Can Compare Diesel Tractor with Electric Tractor in Consideration with Following Points– 

Environment Perspective:

Since electric tractors can be charged by batteries and surprisingly solar boards, the electric tractors are eco-accommodating in nature when contrasted with customary ones.

If the farmer has their own solar system set up on the farm, their power bills become negligible or even non-existent.

As an extra, these don’t make commotion while being used, don’t need additional costs on fuel for support, and are substantially more proficient relatively.

No smoke is another accomplishment of electric tractors. But diesel tractor combustion produces a high amount of greenhouse gases. With respect to the environmental perspective, electric tractors are the best.  


Diesel tractors are cheaper than electric tractors. The farmer must pay 2-3 lakh extra for Electric Tractor as the initial cost. But cost decrease with the decrease of non-renewable energy sources is the best illustration of that. So overall costs of this electric tractor are practically equivalent to Diesel tractors.

Cost decrease is a significant advantage of the electric tractors because the significant expense is a major issue for farmers. The electric Tractor is lessening additional expense when contrasted with diesel tractor in an exacting manner. 

More Productivity:

Electric tractors are effective; it gives incredible precision when it works. The diesel tractor has 45% proficiency when it changes over nuclear power into mechanical energy. The electric engine, then again, promotes a 90% proficiency rate.

Obviously, you additionally need to factor in charging the batteries, which has about an 80% productivity rating.

All things being equal, an electric tractor engine’s proficiency beats the diesel tractor engine. But in practical electric tractor and diesel tractor productivity near about same in the farm. 

Maintenance Perspective:

Electric tractors have fewer moving parts, which means fewer things that turn out badly. So, repairing and upkeep costs diminish, and tractor works for additional periods.

But in diesel tractor maintenance cost is quite high as compare to electric tractors due to extra moving engine parts.  

Accuracy in Work:

Mechanical drive engines in diesel tractors don’t have the most elevated exactness on the planet.

Electric engines, then again, empower a more precise framework. Take exactness cultivating, for instance.

Some electric frameworks gloat a cultivating precision to inside one centimeter in any event, when you’re shipping along at 20 kph.

This more noteworthy precision implies farmers invest less energy in the field on humble errands like cultivating.

Special Highlights of Electric Tractor

  • Electric Tractor will save the time of farmers because the thing about the electric tractor will be that its motor won’t have around 300 sections that accompany the motor of a diesel tractor. 
  • The electric tractor has facilities, for example, battery trading, regenerative brakes, power reversal, and quick charging. 
  • The power of an electric tractor is 6hp which is identical to a 21 hp diesel tractor and can approach 75 km at a speed of 20 kmph on a solitary charge. 
  • Electric tractor requires as long as six-eight hours to completely charge the battery in a private climate though the battery in the modern force attachment can quick charge in 2 hours. 
  • The electric tractor is planned by zero-emanation, which is harmless to the ecosystem. 

Diesel tractor is fueled by one or the other diesel or gas and has transmission controlled with hydraulic system, however electric tractor is unique.

They are controlled by gadgets batteries that can be re-energized essentially by connecting them to an attachment.

An electric tractor can go 5-10 years and all they may require is a battery change anybody can do that, dissimilar to a diesel tractor which needs a total motor remake following 6000 hours of activity that can be nearly pretty much as costly.

Additionally, electric tractors have various benefits over their diesel tractor however in particular they don’t create CO2 outflow or other air contamination.

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