Be Safe and Go Cashless!

Be Safe and Go Cashless!

Cashless economy is secure, it is clean. You have a leadership role to play in taking India towards an increasingly digital economy— Narendra Modi

Indian economy is going through very crucial transformation right now. Demonetization has affected people’s lives very deeply. As we know, India’s largest part of society (approximately 65% – 70%) lives in rural areas. Out of which, most of them are farmers, who always do transactions in cash. But from last few days, we are facing tremendous problems in getting cash from banks or ATMs. In addition to this, PM Modi has significantly addressed that our future is Cashless Economy.

Hence, here are some tips with which you can make hassle free online banking-

Tip-1. Keep your debit or credit card always with you while going in a market, as many shopkeepers and service providers have now moved to online banking, due to shortfall of cash funds.

Tip-2. Do not disclose your ATM pin or online banking password to anyone. It may result in online theft of your funds.

Tip-3. Currently, due to demonetization crores of people have suddenly moved to online banking. Hence, there is a possibility that online banking websites may go down due to the sudden heavy online traffic. Henceforth, keeping patience in any case of inconvenience is advised. Do not get panic if you find yourself in trouble such as withdrawal of money inspite of void transaction, slow speed of the internet while doing the transactions, slow response from banking authorities etc.

Tip-4. If you have multiple bank accounts in different banks then do not keep whole amount in only one account. Instead keep it in distributed fashion. So, in case of failure of any one bank’s online network, you will not find yourself in trouble.

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