Best Power Tiller In 2021 With Their Specific Features

Best Power Tiller In 2021 With Their Specific Features

While doing agriculture farming the role of farm machinery and equipment is very important. However, there are several kinds of machinery available in the market produced by many Farm Equipment and Tractor brand industries.

This equipment comes at reasonable prices with more benefits. In this blog, you will come to know about the best Power Tillers in 2021 their features and uses.

While Tillers are the best used for bed preparation, ploughing, weeding, rotavating, reaping, intercrop cultivation, etc. So, overall, Power Tillers is considered to be ‘Chota Package Bada Dhamaal.’

Power Tiller has multiple uses in farming land operational activities. There are various companies in the market that produces the best Power Tillers for the benefit of the farmers keeping in mind their requirements and needs.

Proceeding with the first and the best Power Tiller in the 21’st century of 2021.

Mega T15 Power Tillers By Kirloskar

It comes in both the options self and without self. It is used for ploughing. It is attached with the rotavator and finely gets deeper in 6-7 inches for ploughing, tilling.

It comes with unique specifications like a manual starting system inclined with Tata battery, an oil bath air cleaner feature, 15 HP engine with the option of Diesel tank capacity, 8 gearbox is available, disc brakes.

With additional features, a BullGuard is provided at the backside of the Power Tiller. The adjustable seat is also given for the operator, like in tractors.

Talking about its price with a self-starter motor feature function it costs Rs 2.30 Lac and without Self Motor feature it costs Rs 2.10 Lac with 2.10 Lac including a subsidy of Rs 75,000.

Though, the price varies from one region to another.

Sprayman -SCS-1000 GX Honda Power Tiller

This type of power tiller comes along with the highest quality of engine attached with Honda GX 200. It is more in usage with spraying.

Also, it is available with other specifications like 7 HP of engine power, 200 displacements in CC, good at the tilling depth, 2 forward and 1 reverse gear, oil bath air filter feature.

Sparyman SCS1000 GX Honda Power Tiller is widely used for bed preparation, rotavation. Also, the Honda engine that is attached with the Sprayman power tiller has good fuel efficiency according to the farmland condition. The price is economical and costs Rs 57,500.

VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus -Power Tiller

The third most Powerwater cooling system, it can be easily started manually, 14.3 liters of diesel tank capacity, wet type air filter feature, Hand operated internal expanding metallic shoe type brakes, 475 Kg of total weight, can easily plough into 220 mm of depth, and also superior in forward and reverse speeds.

VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus -Power Tiller equipment undergoes various farming activities that can be attached with multiple farming implements. The price is economical and can be easily available.

Kubota RT140DI-EM

Kubota RT140DI-EM power tiller is high working with RPM. There are several features included under this power tiller for the use of farming operations.

The other most popular Power Tiller in India is Kubota RT140DI-EM that takes less fuel consumption, it is a 14 HP diesel engine power tiller implement.

For the comfort of the operator, the company has provided the adjustable seating feature, excellent in deeper tiling system.

It requires less maintenance and provides greater durability. To spray it works faster during soil pulverization.

Kubota RT140DI-EM power tiller can easily work in small land near the paddy ridge with 80 cm of wider tilling depth.

Farmers love to purchase the RT140DI-EM model of implements produced by Kubota. Talking about RT140DI-EM, a versatile implement price, it comes in an economical range.

Kamco Power Tillers

Kamco Power Tiller model name KMB 200 is the best suitable for the land preparation and the other farming operations.

With unique design and good performance, this power tillers is used for multiple farming operations like ploughing, tilling, pumping, weeding, pulling, ridging, and many more.

Talking about its specifications then Kamco Power Tillers has a diesel engine, 10.70 liters of fuel tank capacity, greater in RPM, attached with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.

It is 485 Kg in total weight and excellent tilling capacity of 1 hectare. The price is economical and easy to purchase.

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