ACE Harvesters Benefits To The Farmers

ACE Harvesters Benefits To The Farmers

Harvesting can be a difficult task for grain producers due to labour shortages and, as a result, wage increases across the country. However, as the agricultural economy becomes more mechanised, more individuals are relocating to other industrial sectors to make a living. This is also why, due to the small population, some employment farming chores, such as harvesting, become a major issue.

As a result, the utilisation of agricultural technology such as a Combine Harvester has increased dramatically. Its technique, which combines reaping, threshing, cleaning, and in certain cases, bagging in an one process, is gaining popularity among farmers.

About ACE:

ACE is a well-known strong brand presence in a variety of industries, including construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. It is an ISO-certified company that has received numerous industry honours. Its been a major supporter of Prime Minister Modi’s “Atma Nirbhar” project and has participated in the “Make in India” and “Skill India” programmes.

ACE company is the leading manufacturing material handling and construction company that has the maximum market share in Tower Cranes or Mobile Cranes special segment. On the other side, ACE offers various Agri farm implements and machines for the use of agriculture farming. Some of them are Loaders, Cranes, Truck Mounted Cranes, Tractors, Equipment, Harvesters and other Agri Machinery.  

The fastly growing company has also introduced several agriculture equipment machines, especially for paddy crops. During the harvesting time of paddy crop more labor and farmers’ inputs are required to operate in a better way.However, this takes a significant amount of time and money. Hence, the ACE company produces to eradicate the farmer’s problem by introducing the best feature and advanced technology harvesting machine. Harvesting new machines make farming easy with ACE ULTRA HARVESTER named machine introduced by Action Construction Equipment. 

Farmer brothers ACE Ultra Harvester gives a heavy-duty performance. With the use of these harvesters, the cleanliness of the field is maximum. And the loss of grain is minimal. In addition, their maintenance cost, that is, the cost of maintenance, is also less. Then this harvester is useful for you. Ease of farming for farmers with the new combine harvester ACE Ultra.

Types of ACE Harvesters

ACE Ultra Harvester Launched

Action Construction Equipment has launched a new combine harvester machine named ACE Ultra. A new lightweight ACE Ultra is the best operating machine available in different parts of the region in India including the eastern, central, and southern parts. ACE Ultra Harvester machine is more powerful and effective. The highest demand for harvesters amongst the farmers is new hope for harvesting different crops. Ultra harvesting machine works effectively for the collection of grains, waste separation, etc. ACE Ultra Harvesting implement is powered by a Dachai Deutz 88 HP engine that ensures high power at low fuel consumption. It is a highly effective machine that comes with 160 liters of fuel tank capacity that works for longer hours of operation. 

ACE Ultra is a multipurpose crop harvesting machine that comes with enormous specific features. 

Better in lower fuel consumption and ensures high operating efficiency.

ACE Ultra Harvester has the best pic-up speed. 

The best harvesting machine is efficient for various types of crops like wheat, paddy, soybean, moong, mustard, maize, tur, gram, etc. 

This machine saves labor and time, due to which the price of the crops comes down that is beneficial to the farmers.

ACE Ultra Harvesting machine is a high operating machine.

ACE Ultra harvesting implement does the cutting quickly.

ACE Ultra Harvester Price

ACE Ultra Harvester is a low-weight and powerful machine whose price in India is affordable and easy to purchase by the farmers. ACE Ultra Harvesting machine is effective and performs excellently on the field operation.

ACE Combine Harvester ACT 60

ACE ACT-60 Harvester

ACE Combine Harvester model name ACT-60 is the perfect solution to the farmer’s problems. ACE Combine Harvester is a multipurpose harvesting machine that is cost-effective and is available with effective features and specifications.

ACE ACT-60 Harvester Features

ACE ACT-60 harvesting machine is equipped with 4 cylinders and has an excellent water cooling system.

ACE ACT-60 is a multipurpose harvesting implement.

ACE ACT-60 has a fuel tank capacity of 105 liters.

ACE ACT-60 has effective cutter bar width of 7 Feet. 

ACE ACT-60 Harvester Price

ACE ACT-60 harvester price is reasonable and affordable. The farmer’s best solution to harvesting without much grain loss is the ACE ACT-60 harvesting implement. 

Action Construction Equipment is a leading manufacturing company that produces the worlds’ popular construction equipment for the use of agriculture farming and also for the benefit of farmers. With other products like harvesters, it makes work easy on the farm. 

Ace Ultra Combine Harvester:

The machine is equipped with a DachaiDeutz 88 HP engine, which provides high power while consuming minimal fuel and has a long service life backed by a strong company network of support.

In all conditions, the Longitudinal Axial Flow threshing process assures nearly no grain loss or breaking and clean grain distribution.

Over all types of field situations, bridge stone rubber tracks offer problems operation and reliability.

System for emptying grain automatically.

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