जैविक खाद, उसका इस्तेमाल और लाभ

जैविक खते कोणती आणि ती कशी ओळखावी??? जैविक बुरशीनाशके यांचा वापर आणि त्यांचे फायदे !! जैविक कीटकनाशकांबद्दल लोकांच्या मनातील संभ्रम About Khetigaadi: World’s first and only destination for Tractor & Farm Mechanisation equipment. Experience an Easy, convenient and hassle-free platform to buy, sell & rent Tractors & agriculture implements on a click. The key objective of Khetigaadi.com is to educate and empower the farming community with the right technology for better efficiency and financial savings. also, a farmer can check tractor video, Agriculture video for more information about the tractor, implement, agriculture and farming.

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