Earned 93 thousand profit in 80 day by the cultivation of watermelon.

Earned 93 thousand profit in 80 day by the cultivation of watermelon.


Know the success story of the watermelon growing farmer: A farmer from Chhatarpur not only earned a bumper from watermelon cultivation but he was also rewarded for the successful cultivation of watermelon.

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Watermelon cultivation opened the doors of progress for this farmer. Today these farmers are earning good profits along with better production of watermelon. 

Today, through TractorJunction, we are telling you the success story of Chhatarpur farmer Gaurishankar Baijnath Patel, whose fortune has been shaped by watermelon cultivation.


Watermelon cultivation brings both money and rewards: Farmer Gaurishankar is a resident of village Chokakodan in Rajnagar block of Chhatarpur district. 

Farmer Gaurishankar’s full name is Gaurishankar Baijnath Patel. These are the lucky farmers who got both money and rewards by planting watermelon for the first time in their field. 

He got a net profit of Rs.93 thousand from watermelon in just 70 to 80 days. Gaurishankar is very happy with this earning from watermelon. Today, taking inspiration from Gaurishankar, other farmers have also started cultivating watermelon.

Technical guidance of watermelon production received from the Horticulture Department: According to Gaurishankar Patel, he has 7 acres of land. For the first time, 350 grams of seed was planted for watermelon crop in one acre with the inspiration of the Horticulture Department. 

The Horticulture Department was taken from Rajnagar on drip grant and the mulching of 12 thousand was bought by himself. Technical guidance was received from the Horticulture Department.

In this way watermelon seeds planted in the field: For sowing of watermelon seeds, after making beds at a distance of 6 feet, adding mycorrhiza, super phosphate, potash and DAP mixed in basal dose, after applying drip, drill holes at 3 feet in mulching. 

After treating the seeds, soaking it in water overnight and sowing it in the morning. After germination, a total of 27 thousand rupees were spent on medicines, fertilizers, nildai, and weeding on time. Watermelon crop arrived in 60-70 days. Watermelon weighed up to three and a half kilos.

93 thousand rupees net profit from selling watermelon: Gaurishankar bought this watermelon crop for Rs 17 in Khajuraho and Chhatarpur. 

Sold at the rate of kg. He kept on selling some goods for 15-20 days, which kept getting the price at the rate of 15 -16 rupees per kg. He sold a total of 80 quintals of watermelon at an average rate of Rs.15/kg and got a selling price of Rs.1 lakh 20 thousand. 

Now even if its cost of Rs 27 thousand is removed, farmer Gaurishankar got a net profit of 93 thousand in 70-80 days. This time also he has planted watermelon again in two acres. 

Farmer Gaurishankar Patel was awarded the Best District Farmer Award on Republic Day this year under the extension reform program Atma. In this, he was given a certificate and 25 thousand rupees.

Yash, a progressive farmer of Jhabua, earned a good amount of Taiwanese watermelon: Yash father Parmanand Kher, a progressive farmer of village Gangakhedi Tehsil Petlawad district Jhabua, sowed Taiwanese watermelon and covered it with crop cover in December itself.

Due to this the crop became safe, the cost was reduced and the production was also good. They are progressing a lot due to the cultivation of Taiwanese watermelon. 

According to farmer Yash, he had sown a popular variety of Taiwanese watermelon in 5 bighas and covered it with 17 gsm crop cover making it cavernous.

This not only protected from insects, but also did not get fungus. The temperature was also controlled. Due to this the cost has also been reduced. 

One bigha yields 150 quintals. He was the first such farmer of the region, who produced the first and got the price of thirteen and a half rupees per kg. Which was bought by a trader of Ratlam.

What is special about Taiwanese watermelon: According to farmer Yash, watermelon is green in color, in which sweetness is also more than normal watermelon. 

Not only this, the seeds also come out less than other watermelon varieties. Watermelons are of all sizes, small and large, which range from 1.5 kg to 6 kg. 

The average weight of watermelon is found to be 3-4 kg. They have been planting this variety for the last three years. Due to this they are getting good income.

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