VST Tillers & Tractors Records The Highest Sales In Tractors

VST Tillers & Tractors Records The Highest Sales In Tractors


VST Total Tractor Sales

According to a report announced by the VST Tillers and Tractors Limited figured its domestic tractor sales figures along with the total tractor sales figures. For the month of December 2021. The total sales of tractors were 551 units in Dec’21 which is 1.66% more than 542 units of tractors sold in Dec’2020.

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The company’s total sales recorded 33.67% in December 2021, while the company has sold 2,723 units of tractors in November 2021, sequentially. VST Tillers and Tractors sales rose 29% Y-o-Y to 3,640 units.

VST Power Tillers Sales Figures

VST Tillers had also announced the power tillers sales figures that were about 3089 units were sold during the december 2021 month and sales rose by 34.89% whereas 2,290 units of power tillers were sold during December 2020.


VST Tillers & Tractors records the net profit rose 7.4% to Rs 32.15 crore on net sales surged 5.9% to Rs 233.46 crore in Q2 FY21 over Q2 FY20.”

“The company’s net profit stood at Rs 12.93 crore in Q4 FY21 as compared to a net loss of Rs 3.38 crore registered in Q4 FY20.”

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