The price of wheat jumped in the market, farmers are getting a good price on the purchase

The price of wheat jumped in the market, farmers are getting a good price on the purchase


The purchase of wheat is proving to be very beneficial for the people. While on the one hand, farmers are getting more profits due to the right benefits of wheat products, and on the other hand, there has been a huge decline in the burden of reducing food subsidies in the government exchequer.

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Let us tell you that for the surplus farmers, food grains always become a burden year after year. At the same time, farmers are getting double profits by converting exports into foreign exchange in the Rabi season.

According to a report, this year a big organization like FCI was being burdened with surplus food grains. At this time all these institutions are also getting good profits. Let us inform you that at present, despite the decrease in the government procurement of wheat, about 40 million tonnes of stock ration is left in the food grain storage.


60 thousand crore savings this year

If sources are to be believed, this year the target of huge stock in government procurement has been achieved. It is being told that the target of government procurement was about 44.40 million tonnes, which has now come down to 19.50 million tonnes. This will save about 60 thousand crores in government subsidy. It is also being told that at present, the cost of purchasing 25 million tonnes of wheat in this storage was likely to be around Rs 8 thousand crores.

In how many parts subsidy is available?

The wheat food subsidy from the government is in three parts. Explain that the subsidy of the government is met from the cost price and the export price (issue price). Apart from this, there are also transportation costs, handling charges, storage losses, interest costs, operational losses, and administrative expenses.

Farmers got the right price for wheat

According to the report, due to the increased demand for wheat in the domestic market, the farmers of the country have got double the profit from their crop. It is also being told that this time there is no worry about the change of weather and spoilage of food grains in monsoon due to the availability of a sufficient quantity of godowns with FCI. For this reason, the storage of wheat has been collected in the FCI godowns.

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