TAFE Launches Massey Ferguson 244 & 246 DYNATRACK – 4WD Tractors For West Bengal & Odisha

TAFE Launches Massey Ferguson 244 & 246 DYNATRACK – 4WD Tractors For West Bengal & Odisha


September 2021: Indian tractor major and world’s third-largest tractor manufacturer, TAFE -Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited launched the Massey Ferguson 244 & 246 DYNATRACK – Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Tractors in its extremely popular and revolutionary DYNATRACK Series.

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Massey Ferguson DYNATRACK is an advanced range of tractors that offers more power, dynamic performance, sophisticated technology, unmatched utility, and versatility, all engineered into a single powerful tractor.

The new 4WD variants of the MF DYNATRACK Series – the MF 244 DYNATRACK 4WD in the 44 hp range and the MF 246 DYNATRACK 4WD in the 46 hp range are tailor-made to deliver maximum productivity, extraordinary operational comfort, great mileage, and unmatched durability.


The superior DynaLIFT® hydraulics, Quadra PTO™, 24 Speed Super Shuttle Gearbox, Dual Diaphragm Clutch, Ultra Planetary Plus, Maxx Oil Immersed Brakes (OIB), Cerametallic clutch plate, and higher PTO placement are some of the key features in this new range of tractors, which make it perfect for every implement and offer round-the-year productivity.

The 4WD option is available in both Standard and Hi-Lug tire variants. DYNATRACK – The ‘Biggest Allrounder Tractor’ (Sabse Bada Allrounder), known for its “No-Compromise” performance, is suitable for agricultural, haulage, and commercial applications for around-the-year usage.

The fully sealed heavy-duty front axle in the DYNATRACK series is excellent for tough applications like puddling, provides easy maneuverability in the farm, and more space for accommodating specialized attachments like the dozer.

The SuperShuttleTM ensures higher productivity and less operator fatigue in puddling as well as loader applications.

The 24-Speed gearbox with 12 different forward and 12 reverse speeds with a top speed of 35 kmph, provides high reverse speed for puddling applications and helps complete more trips in commercial usage.

The higher PTO height and best-in-class ground clearance make these tractors best for deep puddling operations and provide more implement transport height for easy crossing of bunds and obstacles.

The segment-highest lift capacity of 2050 kgf easily handles heavy implements like potato planters and balers in agriculture and helps hitch heavily loaded trailers with ease, for haulage and commercial applications.

The unique and extremely popular 4-in-1 Quadra PTO™ maximizes the versatility of the tractor for use throughout the year for all stationary and dynamic applications, making it more profitable.

TAFE’s proven engineering expertise of over 60 years, its deep knowledge, and understanding of the tractor industry have helped create these revolutionary and futuristic tractors in the DYNATRACK 4WD Series for West Bengal and Odisha, that effectively address growing customer demands in agriculture, haulage, and commercial applications alike.

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