Sonalika Total Tractor Sales Figures Stood by 5.5% Growth

Sonalika Total Tractor Sales Figures Stood by 5.5% Growth


The tractor industry has given the records of the overall tractor sales for October 2021. Thus, Sonlaika has recorded the highest growth rate of 5.5% by registering the 17,130 units of tractors.

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Sonalika recorded the highest ever YTD sales figures of 85,068 in FY’22. Sonalika has the highest market share of 25% including in the international market. The demand for the tractors by farmers has shown a positive response and given good results to the Sonalika tractor industry in the customized tractor portfolio.

Highest Growth In October 2021


Sonalika recorded the highest growth of 5.5% for October 2021 by registering 17,130 units of tractors.

Farmers adopt in purchasing the farm mechanization for the use of agricultural operations. It increases the demand for various tools and mechanization for the tractor industry which however increases the demand of the tractors, and other farm implements for the growth of the tractor industry.

Sonalika records the highest – ever YTD figures of 85,068 overall tractor sales in FY’22, recording a growth of 6.56 percent over 79,829 units sold in the same month of the previous year.

An executive director, Raman Mittal, stated that “In line with Sonalika’s DNA of keeping farmer’s requirements at the core, we started preparing ourselves after Q1 FY ’22 itself so that our customized tractors offer the best value for money package to farmers across the world. I also feel excited to share that we have also registered 17,130 overall tractor sales in October’21 to register 5.5 percent growth, surpassing industry growth.”

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