Sonalika Tractor Sells Records The Highest Tractor Units In India In November

Sonalika Tractor Sells Records The Highest Tractor Units In India In November


The tractor industry has given the records of the overall tractor sales for November 2021. Thus, Sonalika has recorded the highest market share of 16% by registering the 11,909 units of tractors in November 2021 and also records a gain of 1.4%. Sonalika tractor industry has recorded the highest sales growth and shown a positive impact by the farmers and gained good results.

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It is the highest ever sales record of YTD at 85,068 in FY’22. Sonalika tractor industry records the highest market share of 25% in the international market. Also, it is a very good result shown by the farmers by purchasing a large number of tractors for the farm and commercial usages.

Sonalika tractor company has recorded the YTD growth of over 12,937 tractors sold in the profit range of 72.2% in the same month of the last year.


Highest Growth In November 2021

Sonalika has recorded the highest growth of 100.7% by selling 3,225 tractors in November month of 2021. According to the previous record, 1607 tractors were exported the same month as the previous year.

An executive director, Raman Mittal, stated that ‘’Timely introduction of new models driven by global quality standards, ideal product mix, flexible plant capacities as per growth plans, and commitment based execution/dispatch of orders continues to be key for success in Sonalika’s growth. Building customized tractors as per region-centric requirements of farmers are the core strength that allows us to partner with farmers for progressive agri-activities. I am delighted to announce that such key factors collectively steered us to bag our highest ever November market share of 16% with significant 1.4% market share growth during the month. Additionally, we achieved another significant milestone during the month in exports as we proudly crossed last full-year exports with YTD FY’22 sales of 22,268 tractors in just 8 months. Sonalika’s R&D experts continue to work hard to give a practical shape to innovative ideas and we remain committed to taking farmers towards a progressive future in a cost-optimized way.”

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