New Varieties Of Rice Transplanters Were Introduced By Mahindra

New Varieties Of Rice Transplanters Were Introduced By Mahindra


Mahindra and Mahindra Farm company is a fast-growing company and produces a large number of tractors, farm equipment, and machines for the agricultural sector.

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Recently, Mahindra and Mahindra have launched a new range of rice transplanters especially for the farmers of Telangana.

Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO’ was introduced by Mahindra, it has arrived with the latest features and specifications. It is known to be the country’s first four-row ride-on type rice transplanter.


Before that, the company has launched the Mahindra MP461 walk-behind rice transplanter.
For the specific needs of Rice farmers in India, Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery of Japan has designed the specific rice transplanters.

With an economical price of Rs 7.5 Lac, Mahindra PlantingMaster Paddy 4RO is best for growers with larger holdings and rental entrepreneurs and comes with specialized features like power steering, four-wheel-drive option, for drivers comfort and easy mode of convenience it is made with superb features.

Likewise, for small farms, the Company offers an MP461 rice transplanter, a walk-behind model with an affordable price of Rs 2.8 lakh.

Hemant Sikka, President of Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd said, “Despite India being the 2nd largest rice-producing country in the world, our rice cultivation continues to be under-mechanized. As mechanization in land preparation & rice harvesting is widespread, less than 1% of rice transplanting is mechanized. The mechanization of rice transplanting will allow timeliness & speed of operations, lower cost of cultivation and increased yields.”

He also added, “With the introduction of our new portfolio of rice transplanters, with our partners Mitsubishi Mahindra Agricultural Machinery of Japan, we want to enable income growth for millions of rice farmers in India, including in Telangana, where farmers are also experiencing challenges related to labor shortage because of Covid-19”.

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