Retail Tractor Sales Report for May 2024 – Tractor Sales Decrease by 1.06%, 70,065 Units Sold

Retail Tractor Sales Report for May 2024 – Tractor Sales Decrease by 1.06%, 70,065 Units Sold


The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) published the retail tractor sales data on June 10, 2024. According to the report, 70,065 tractors were sold in May 2024, which is a slight decrease from the 70,813 units sold in May 2023. This represents a 1.06% decline in tractor sales in India for May 2024.

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In May 2024, Mahindra reported sales of 15,926 tractors, slightly higher than the 15,836 tractors sold in May of the previous year, reflecting a 0.57% increase. However, despite the increase in sales, the company’s market share fell by 0.37% in May 2024.

In May 2024, Swaraj Tractor, a division of Mahindra & Mahindra, saw a 2.48% increase in tractor sales compared to May 2023. Sales rose to 13,093 units, up from 12,776 units in the same month of the previous year. likewise, the market share of Swaraj Tractor increased by 0.65%.


Sonalika Tractors, also known as International Tractors Limited, saw a notable increase in sales. The company sold 9,225 tractors in India, which is a 4.30% rise from the 8,845 units sold in May 2023. Additionally, their market share increased by 0.68%.

TAFE Limited experienced a decline in its market share by 0.46%. In May 2024, the company’s retail sales of tractors amounted to 8,515 units, marking a decrease of 4.67% compared to the 8,932 units sold in May 2023.

In May 2024, Escorts Tractor sold 7,655 units, slightly below the 7,671 units sold in May 2023, marking a 0.21% decline in sales. Despite this, the company’s market share increased by 0.10%.

In May 2024, John Deere Tractor sold 5,149 units, a slight increase from the 5,140 units sold in May 2023, indicating a 0.18% growth in sales. Additionally, the company’s market share rose by 0.09%.

Eicher Tractors sold 4,461 units in May 2024, slightly less than the 4,507 units sold in May 2023, reflecting a 1.02% drop in sales. However, their market share saw a marginal increase of 0.01%. Despite the decline in sales, future growth is anticipated for Eicher Tractors.

In May 2024, CNH Industrial (India) Pvt Ltd recorded sales of 2,898 units, up from 2,861 units in May 2023, marking a 1.29% increase. The company also saw a 0.10% rise in market share during this period.

Kubota Tractor experienced a decline in sales in May 2024, selling 1,157 units compared to 1,643 units in May of the previous year, reflecting a 29.58% decrease. Their market share also fell by approximately 0.67%.

Additionally, other brands saw a 23.67% drop in sales, with 1,986 units sold in May 2024 compared to 2,602 units in May 2023. This decline resulted in a 0.84% decrease in market share for the month.

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