Prices Reduced Of Cooking Oil, Reduction In Import Duties

Prices Reduced Of Cooking Oil, Reduction In Import Duties


According to the sources, the government ensures about the retail prices of oils have declined in the domestic market except for mustard oil, despite a surge in global rates to reduce import duties on refined edible or crude oils.

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“The international prices of edible oils, the percentage are reduced from 1.95 percent to 7.17 percent the after-sales import duty reduction in price.”

On the other side, domestic retail prices have also been reduced in the range of 0.22 percent to 1.83 percent.


While, after the rise in the global prices, there is a decline in the net range of 3.26 % to 8.58% since a few years back.

According to the government officials stated that “Necessary policy intervention by Central Government with reference to duty reduction is proving to be beneficial for the general consumers.”

The government with other measures is contemplating purely a mustard oil as a domestic oil with expecting to reduce the price of these products.

To increase the domestic supply and while retaining the prices, the Centre is reducing the import duties edible oils. The details of the stocks have been asked by the wholesalers, refiners, and millers on the web portal against hoardings

In fact, the retailers have been asked to display the rates of branded edible oils to make free choices by the consumers.

The base custom duties on soya oil, sunflower oil, and palm oil had been slashed.

The import tax on crude oil has also been reduced from 10% to 2.5%. While on the other oils like soya oil and crude oil it has been a decline from 7.5% to 2.5%.

This has an impact on the effective duty on crude soya oil, crude palm oil, crude sunflower oil deduced to 24.75%, while on refined palm oil, sunflower oil, and soy oil reduced to 35.75%.

The government stated that the prices on other food items like wheat and rice have declined also on MSPs values.

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