PM Kisan FPO Scheme: Government will spend Rs.6865 crore on the new scheme

PM Kisan FPO Scheme: Government will spend Rs.6865 crore on the new scheme


Efforts are being made by the government to increase the income of the farmers. Under these efforts, the FPO scheme is being run by the Central Government. 

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The main objective of this scheme is to provide a fair price to the farmers in the market for the goods produced by them. 

The government is working on a new scheme regarding FPO. Under this, farmers will be enabled from sowing to the market.


The central government is working on a new scheme regarding FPO. For this, Rs 6,865 crore will be spent by the government. 

Let us tell you that there is about 86 percent of small farmers in the country, will be provided facilities like providing inputs through FPO to process and sell the produce at reasonable prices in the market.

According to media reports, in connection with the smooth implementation of the scheme of 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) being set up in the country, the National Conference of Cluster-Based Business Organizations (CBBOs) was held in Delhi recently by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar. Happened in hospitality.

Speaking on the occasion, Tomar said that Union Minister Shri Tomar said that CBBO will have to make every effort to make farmers prosperous through FPOs. 

The vision of FPO will be fulfilled when, after the formation of FPO, its benefits are available to the farmers and its fragrance spread like saffron all the farmers should say that we should also join the FPO and there is a demand from the government for the formation of new FPO.

The government is giving resources to CBBO, which should bring good results. CBBOs are created because they are experts in this subject, can spread awareness, and give technology in farming to farmers, CBBOs should work by taking everyone together to form the best FPOs.

Tomar said that earlier about 7 thousand FPOs were formed in the country, but most were not being sustainable, the government would spend Rs 6,865 crore on the new scheme. 

There is about 86 percent of small farmers in the country, to whom the objective of the government is to provide facilities like providing inputs through FPO to processing and selling the produce at reasonable prices in the market.

On the other hand, Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Kailash Chaudhary said that CBBO is an important link in the scheme of FPO, if you are determined, then the objective will definitely be achieved. Overall, the objective is to bring benefits to the farmers.

Abhilash Likhi, Additional Secretary, Union Agriculture Ministry, outlined the expectations of the government from the CBBO. 

Joint Secretary Dr. Vijay Laxmi told in the welcome address that 13 other agencies including three major implementing agencies – NABARD, SFAC, and NCDC have been nominated for the scheme. NABARD Chairman G.R. Chintala gave some suggestions regarding the scheme.

Mr. Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Partner, National Project Management Agency, EY gave the presentation. Nilkamal Darbari, MD of Small Farmers Agribusiness Association (SFAC) also addressed the conference. 

On this occasion, officials of SFAC, NABARD, NCDC, NAFED, APMAS, E&Y, Access Development Services, Grant Thornton, and other companies and representatives of CBBOs from all over the country were present.

What is FPO: FPO ie Farm Farmer Producer Organization is an organization whose members are farmers. Through FPO, facilities like technology, marketing, credit, processing, irrigation, etc. are provided to the farmers. Farmers can also take loans up to Rs 15 lakh under this scheme.

How farmers can open FPO together: The benefit of the FPO scheme will be given especially to small and marginal farmers. Under this scheme, 11 farmers can form groups together. This group of 11 farmers will work as FPO. 

However, it will be in the category of small FPO. Farmers will have to get this group registered under the Companies Act. Once registered, the FPO can operate as a company. The FPO will be provided with all the facilities that a company enjoys.

Farmers can take loans up to Rs 15 lakh through FPO: Through FPO, farmers can take a loan of Rs 15 lakh from a cooperative bank, on which no heavy interest will be charged. In this way, farmers can avail benefits through FPO. 

This facility will be given to those FPOs in which the number of farmer members will be more. 

Explain that in the plain areas, there should be at least 300 members in the FPO, while in the case of hilly areas this number is 100. That is, at least 100 members should be in the FPO of hilly areas.

Benefits to farmers from the FPO scheme: Under this scheme, a loan of Rs 15 lakh will be provided by the central government to the farmer producer organizations of the country without interest. This amount will be given to the FPO over a period of three years.

Under this scheme, the farmers of the country will also get other types of benefits, such as the farmers associated with the organizations formed will get the market for their produce.

Through FPO, it will be easy for the farmers to buy essential commodities like fertilizers, seeds, medicines, and agricultural equipment.

Under this scheme, the amount given to the farmers of the country will be given in cash. In this scheme, groups of small and marginal farmers will be formed, from which they will get the benefit.

The purpose of this scheme is to get profit from farming at par with any industry. With the formation of FPO, agriculture will expand in the country and the income of the farmers will increase.

6865 crores will be spent on this scheme by the year 2024. Every FPO farmer will be given government support for 5 years by the government.

The FPO will get all the benefits that a company enjoys. A total of 30 lakh farmers will benefit from this.

How farmer organizations can avail of benefits from the FPO scheme: To take advantage of PM FPO Scheme, you have to apply for it. For this, you have to register online by visiting a website. 

Farmers will need some important documents for registration. In which documents will be needed like Aadhar card, residence proof, agricultural land documents, ration card, income certificate, bank account details, passport size photograph, mobile number, etc.

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