Mahindra record growth in  December 2022  with Domestic Tractor Sales Increased by 30%

Mahindra record growth in December 2022 with Domestic Tractor Sales Increased by 30%


Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Reported tractor sales for December 2022 were just made public. In contrast to December 2021, when Mahindra tractor sales were 18269 units, December 2022 saw 23243 units sold. There has been a 27% increase in Mahindra sales overall as of December 2022.

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In comparison to 16687 units in December 2021, Mahindra sold 21640 domestic tractors in December 2022. Mahindra’s domestic tractor sales show a double digit increase in sales of 30%.

In December 2022, 1603 units of Mahindra tractors were exported, up from 1582 units in December 2021. The statistics on export sales shows an increase in export sales of 1%.


Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Hemant Sikka, President of the Farm Equipment Division, stated, “We have sold 21,640 tractors in the domestic market through December 2022, an increase of 30% over previous year. The amount of rabi crop seed that has been sown has increased significantly from last year’s acreage and from the average over the previous five years. The harvest of wheat and oil seeds is anticipated to be abundant. Strong Rabi sowing, successful kharif procurement, and expected wheat exports have all contributed to positive farming sector attitudes, which have resulted in high demand for tractors and farm equipment. We sold 1,603 tractors in the export market, an increase of 1% over the previous year.

Sales of Mahindra tractors in India till December 2022

ParticularsDecember 2021December 2022% change
Domestic 16,68721,64030%
Exports 1,5821,6031%
Total 18,26923,24327%

Mahindra Tractor Sales in India 2022 – Year to Date Summary-

The year-to-date change for Mahindra’s tractor sales for both the current year and the prior year is shown below.

Particulars 20222021%change
Domestic 3,03,6642,68,86813%
Exports 14,15012,9489%

The Mahindra Group reported a 27% rise in overall tractor sales. Even after the holiday season, the firm sees an increase in demand for tractors. This has been made possible as the number of rabi crops sown has increased because of the soil’s high moisture content. Additionally, the purchasing of Kharif crops has improved.

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