KhetiGaadi Won Agri Startup Awards 2021 By “Manage Samunnati’

KhetiGaadi Won Agri Startup Awards 2021 By “Manage Samunnati’


On the 34’th foundation of Manage Samunnati Agri startup Award 2021
KhetiGaadi, a wide range of digital platforms in the field of agriculture, proved to be its continuous growing network in the world’s first E-commerce of Farm mechanisation has won the award on great participation and enthusiastic beginning in the field of agriculture sector.

KhetiGaadi always provides right tractor information

In the participation of Agri startup by Manage Samunnati Khetigaadi won the Award and succeeded its first agri digital platform for the benefits of the farmers.

KhetiGaadi is the only platform for the farmers where they can gain knowledge related to the field of agricultural products like tractors, where they can buy, rent, hire tractors, second hand tractors and farm implements in just one click.


KhetiGaadi believes in providing relevant information to the farmers and also believes in saving time, energy and financial condition of the farmers. A nice platform for the beginners to know much about the field of agriculture products, implements and much more information.

Day-by Day, increasing the network of farmers across the country through digital platforms is also updating its better output results.

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