HAV S1 Series Tractors- A complete game changer in Indian Farming!

HAV S1 Series Tractors- A complete game changer in Indian Farming!


HAV S1 Series tractors which were first showcased in the world’s largest Agritechnica event in Germany in November 2019, is already making noise in Indian market for being the first made in India Hybrid Tractor with no battery packs.

After receiving accolades from across the globe for it’s advanced eco friendly technology, HAV S1 Series is finally ready to greet the Indian farmers. We have received an overwhelming response from the people across India and abroad.

“In spite of the various challenges which industries faced due to Covid19 like production, logistics support, supply chain, manpower, lockdown restrictions and more, our support team consisting of channel partners, dealers and suppliers fulfilled our vision of next generation farm tractor at the most pocket-friendly price. We are extremely thankful for their trust, confidence, love and belief which helped in transforming our dream for the Indian farming sector into reality.”

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– Ankit Tyagi, MD Proxecto Engineering Services LLP & founder of HAV Tractors.

This dynamic tractor boasts of over two dozen industry first features, introduced for the first time in Indian market-

Top Features

Future Ready Electric Tractor- The only Hybrid tractor technology in India without battery packs, which has the capability to run on multiple fuel options. Same tractors can be upgraded to a complete electric vehicle, once the infrastructure is in place.

Fully Automatic – AWED Technology (All Wheel Electric Drive)- The only tractor in India with all wheel electric drive with No Clutch, No Gear and simple three mode operations, Forward – Neutral – Reverse to ease out the human effort of our farmers

Eco Friendly – We promise to save upto 28% with S1 and upto 50% with S2 fuel in comparison to traditional tractors. It’s a Self-energising technology, since the role of engine here is to only provide current to electric motors and other components.

All Wheel Independent Suspension along with height adjustment.

First in India – MCS (Max Cover Steering) with almost zero effort steering system with with lowest turning radius of 2.7m (Front-Steer, All-Steer, Crab-Steer)

Dynamic, innovative and modern design with interactive steering mounted HMI display. An interactive steering mounted HMI display to control the equipment and further reduce human labour.

Electric PTO along with Electric output to run field equipment like water pumps and even run house electricity upto 40KVA – 3Phase
Several Safety and Comfort features for farmers to have hassle free field work.

Best in class 10 Years* Limited product warranty

“It has the power of an elephant and the characteristics of a dolphin which makes this a highly efficient need in today’s times. It was a conscious decision to launch this tractor first in India as it is specially made for the Indian farmers. Farming in India needs a revolution and this tractor, we believe, is an answer to most of the problems faced by any farmer in India. Our vision is to improve the life of our farmers, not just in the short-term, but to aid them in the long term, which is why we provide a ten-year warranty where we secure you for a decade.”

– Ankit Tyagi, MD Proxecto Engineering Services LLP & founder of HAV Tractors.

Also, after receiving suggestions from various farmers, we have decided to offer a low cost AC cabin solution.

Our base model HAV S1 50HP starts at Rs.9,49,000* (All inclusive) with a Safety structure cabin, while the top variant HAV S1+ 50HP with AC Cabin is priced at 11,99,000* (All inclusive). Both can be booked on the Official website https://www.hybridagrivehicle.com/ with a booking amount of Rs.10,000* (Refundable).

We have also introduced a HAV S1 45HP tractor for an all inclusive price of Rs.8,49,000* and HAV S1 55HP tractor, whose details can be seen on our website under specifications: https://hybridagrivehicle.com/specifications

To our fans and supporters who have been waiting to try their hands on our leading farm technology, we are pleased to announce that booking links will open on our Official Website on 30th May 2021 and the delivery of our pre-booked HAV tractor starts on 15th August 2021 onwards.

For any queries or feedback, do reach out to our Official WhatsApp Care Number- +91 72788 86667.

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