What are the 8 Farmer Rights That Every Indian Must Be Aware

What are the 8 Farmer Rights That Every Indian Must Be Aware


India is blessed with rich nutrients of crops while accompanied by a rich network of fertile soils and rivers. India is known to be the agrarian sector. If considering the plains of wheat in Punjab, Kerala is known for Coconut plantations, Chhattisgarh for paddy fields, and superfluous tea gardens of Darjeeling.

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Farmers are known as Annadata or the food provider in India. As Indian population is wholly dependent on the farming system. Farmers put efforts to provide the basic requirement of the people in the form of food. In return, it’s the duty of every Indian citizen to know the rights of the farmers that are entitled to execute in day-to-day working lives.

Essential Eight Farmer Rights That Every Citizen Must Know


Right to Reproduce, Modify, Conserve, Seed and Plant Material

This is the basic right of the farmers, that is mentioned under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution. The right ensures that every farmer has the right to produce, modify, reproduce and sell seed. It is just the same as every citizen having the right to choose his/her occupation.

Right to Land

The farmers’ land should be protected for environmental and social reasons and not necessarily for non-agricultural purposes. It is also disclosed that no agricultural land should be acquired without the farmer’s content and also no agricultural land should be made available for multinational corporations.

Farmers’ Right on Seeds

All along with the traditional features, farmers should know how to save the seed from one crop, how to save the seeds for selling, sowing, sharing, and exchanging to other farmers. This is the primary role performed by the farmers.

Right Of The Farmer’s for Reward and Recognition

For the varietal wealth of the crop plants, farmers’ role is important for the recognition. For the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer Rights Act, the provision has been given under the Act to reward farmers for tribal communities for the major contribution.

Right Of Farmer’s Benefit Sharing

Another important right and the most important segment under these rights. It depends upon the extent and nature of farming of land for commercial utility.

Right to Avail Compensation for Crop Loss suffered

Farmers should be aware of the establishment of registration on the exclusive commercial right for the cultivation of crops. And, in case of any loss occurring of various land due to natural calamities, then farmers can avail loss through various policies redeemed by the government.

Farmers Right to Participatory Research

In any research pertaining to agriculture, farmers have the right to create, innovate, and participate in researches pertaining to agriculture.

Farmer’s Right to Safety and Health

Farmer’s have the right to avail themselves of the safety right to health and environmental measures. In agriculture due to hazardous chemical formation, the farmer can protect themselves by availing of this provision under the Act.

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