August 2022 Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Report: 7.3 percent increase in overall sales

August 2022 Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Report: 7.3 percent increase in overall sales


Sales of Kubota tractors for escorts increased by 7.3% to 6,111 units.

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Escorts Kubota, a well-known name in the tractor sector, has experienced joy in the month of August 2022. In both the local and international markets, the company has sold more tractors this month. Tractor sales increased by 7.3% according to the business. This information was highlighted in the company’s August 2022 release of their tractor sales report.

6,111 Kubota tractors were marketed in both local and international markets as escorts.


According to Escorts Kubota’s Tractor Sales Data, the company sold 6,111 tractors in August 2022, increasing total sales by 7.3%. These sales were made in both the domestic and international markets. In August 2021 of the previous year, the business sold 5,693 tractors on the domestic and international markets.

August 2022: Escorts Kubota tractor sales in the domestic market

Compared to the same month last year, Escorts Kubota sold 7.9 percent more tractors in the domestic market during August 2022. In comparison to the 4920 tractors sold in August 2021, the company has sold 5308 tractors overall in the domestic market.

In August 2022, Escorts Kubota sold more tractors on both the home and international markets. In August 2022, the company sold a total of 803 tractors on the worldwide market, up from a total of 773 tractors sold in August of the previous year. Thus, the export sales have registered a gain of 3.9 percent.

Sales Report August 2022 Escorts Kubota Tractor : 

TypeFY 2023FY 2022% Change
Domestic Sales5,3084,9207.9%

The Escorts Kubota Company anticipates strong holiday sales beginning in September. The holiday season won’t end until after Diwali. The company claims that the everyday activities of the farmers were disrupted as a result of the country’s heavy rainfall in several areas during the month of August. Because of some places’ decreased rainfall, farmers were also concerned.

Despite all of these obstacles, the business did well in August 2022 when it came to tractor sales. The company anticipates strong holiday sales in September and the following three months.

In August 2022, escorts Kubota export tractor sales:

803 tractors were sold internationally by Kubota in August 2022 compared to 773 tractors in August 2021, representing a 3.9% increase.

TypeFY 2023FY 2022% Change

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