Economic Survey: 2022 Important Contribution Of Agriculture In Boosting the Economy.

Economic Survey: 2022 Important Contribution Of Agriculture In Boosting the Economy.


Presenting the Economic survey in parliament today, the finance minister told the whole country about the health of the country’s economy. The  Economic survey has shown that the economy is now developing rapidly after recovering from corona.

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Agriculture sector is helping to increase the economic system of the country.Agriculture sector playing an important role in the development of the country.

In New Delhi Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman presented the Economic Survey 2021-22 on Monday. In this survey 9.2 percent growth has been predicted.


According to an economic survey the economy recovering from the impact of Covid-19 is now growing rapidly. In the current financial year, the pace of the economy has accelerated in the July to Sept periods. For this reason,it has managed to come to the level before corona.

It has also been revealed from the Economic Survey that the Agriculture and Industrial sector is playing an important role in boosting the economy of the country.

It has been said in the Economic Survey that the growth rate in the agriculture sector is estimated to be 3.9 percent during the current financial year. At the same time, Industrial growth is expected to be 11.8 percent in this financial year. It is clear from this how important both these sectors are for the economy.

According to the Economic Survey all the indicators of the economy are positive and this indicates that our economy is in a strong position to meet the challenges.

Increase in agricultural exports.It has been said in the economic survey that the agriculture sector will benefit from the increased demand due to Covid-19 and in the financial year 2021-2022 also, agriculture exports continued to increase.

An effective agriculture export policy has a big hand in the exports of agriculture and allied products,growing by 23.2 percent to $31.0 billion between April and November 2021.

This is 35 percent more than total exports in the same period of 2019.Not only this, agricultural exports have also crossed their level of pre-corona. Importance of crop diversification, The emphasis of the government on crop diversification.

The government is encouraging farmers to switch to pulses and oilseeds crops, leaving the wheat-rice cropping cycle so that the country becomes self-sufficient in edible oils and pulses and reduces dependence on imports.

The adoption of pulses by farmers will also enable the government to maintain the actual buffer stock of wheat and rice.

Recently ,the government has taken several steps to increase the production of pulses and oilseed crops.

These include increase in acreage, increase in production with improved techniques and purchase of crops at minimum support prices, etc. It has been said in the economic survey that hard efforts have been made to control the inflation of food items.

Efforts were made by changing the import duty so that the consumer could get the food item at a lower price. However, this sent a wrong message to the domestic producers and created an atmosphere of uncertainty.

For this a long term policy is needed. The government has also taken steps in this direction.

An agreement has been signed with Myanmar to import 2.5 lakh metric tonnes of urad and 1 lakh metric tonnes of  tur per year.The MOU with Mozambique has also been extended for five years.

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