Commercially Rise Of Electric Tractor By Escorts

Commercially Rise Of Electric Tractor By Escorts


In India Escorts tractor company has marked a great value in launching tractors and also become the first renowned company to receive the CMVR certificate for electric tractors. The Escort company will design the electric tractors by the in house R&D of Escorts. The Escorts electric tractor produced in the range of 21-30 HP.

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The company was continuously making efforts to get the certification from the Central Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute and now successfully achieved the certification for developing electric tractor and making it commercially in India.

The company received the authorized certification under the provision of Central Motor Vehicles Rules providing with the description “Escorts Limited, Farmtrac (26E) Agriculture Tractor manufactured by Escorts Limited”


Escorts manufacturing company unveiled its electric tractor in 2017. The company reported to BSE and stated that “We had showcased futuristic and eco-friendly electric tractor concept variants of mechanical and hydrostatic power transmission platforms for sustainable and green agriculture.”

The company had already started exporting these tractors from 2019 and now with having the authorized certification the company will launch in the domestic market too with the hope of sharing the other details too.

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