Coarse grain will be abundant; 8 times increase in government procurement in the country.

Coarse grain will be abundant; 8 times increase in government procurement in the country.


On the advice of the Government of India, the United Nations has declared the year 2023 as Millet Year. Prime Minister Modi himself has lobbied to promote coarse grains. Its effect is also visible at the ground level in the country. With the help of the Centre, all the states are promoting millet production. Its effect is also visible everywhere. The figures that are coming out regarding the production and purchase of coarse grains. They are encouraging.

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9 states of the country have started a mission program to promote millets. The effect of this mission has been that the government procurement of coarse grains can increase up to 8 times in the country. Till now about 6 to 7 lakh tonnes are being procured. In the coming time, it can increase up to 50 lakh tonnes.

The mission program is about promoting coarse cereals. 9 states have been included in this. These include Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. All the states are making common people and farmers aware about coarse grains.


The Central Government is trying to increase the scope of the mission programme. It should also be linked to that section which is poor and deprived. Therefore, the central government is planning to distribute coarse grains under the Public Distribution System (PDS). The central government will also buy coarse grains from the farmers.

Senior officials of the central government say that Rajasthan is the largest producer of millet and the second largest producer of jowar. An appeal has been made to all the states that more attention should be paid to the purchase of coarse grains. The Rajasthan government is not procuring coarse grains from the farmers, whereas it should. The Ministry of Agriculture is planning to bring Bajra (12-13 local varieties) grown in different states on MSP.

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