Two farmers showed amazing in co-cropping farming, earned double profit together.

Two farmers showed amazing in co-cropping farming, earned double profit together.


Co-cropping is proving to be a profitable deal for farmers in today’s time because by cultivating two crops simultaneously, you get double profits at a time. 

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One such example has come to light from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, where two farmers have earned lakhs of rupees by cultivating co-cropping.

Let us inform you that these two farmers are Ratanpal Singh, a resident of village Etmadpur in the Bulandshahr area, and Nagendra resident of village Charora in the Jahangirabad area. So let us know in detail about their success story.


Farmers Ratanpal and Nagendra have both cultivated sugarcane in their fields, as well as cultivated vegetables and pulses in the field. 

Farmer Ratanpal says that at this time he has cultivated sugarcane on 10 hectares of land. Apart from this, he has also cultivated co-crop crops for high profits, which mainly include tomato, garlic, cabbage, watermelon, bitter gourd, brinjal, etc.

Farmer Ratan Pal says that his farmer brother is getting good profits from co-cropping farming. Ratanpal is making all the farmers aware to do co-crop farming.

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They say that if you want to earn good and double profit from the crop, then co-cropping is a good option for you. 

At the same time, another farmer brother Nagendra has also cultivated moong, urad, beet, cabbage, cashew, etc. along with sugarcane crops in his field. Due to this, he is earning good money every month.

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