Good news: Farmers will be Able to Purchase Cheaper Diesel For Irrigation

Good news: Farmers will be Able to Purchase Cheaper Diesel For Irrigation


Diesel Subsidy Scheme: Farmers will get a subsidy on diesel in the event of drought:

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In fact, the rising prices of diesel petrol are speaking up. Petrol prices are increasing day by day. The agriculture sector is no longer untouched by the ever-increasing prices of diesel and petrol. Because most of the machines used in agriculture, from plowing the field to harvesting the crop, run on diesel petrol. Due to this, the cost of agriculture is increasing in farming, due to which the income of the farmers is decreasing. In recent times, the activation of monsoon has fed the faces of the farmers.

At present, light to heavy rains is occurring in every state of the country. But in some states, farmers are still waiting for good rains. These especially include the state of Bihar. The unusual activity of the monsoon in Bihar this year, has a direct impact on the sowing of Kharif crops. In such a situation, the farmers here are worried about the sowing of Kharif crops. Because most of the agriculture in Bihar is based on rain.


In such a situation, due to the lack of monsoon rains in the state of Bihar, the sowing of paddy, jute, and other Kharif crops has been directly affected. Due to drought in the state, farmers are not able to sow the crop on one hand, and on the other hand, they are not even irrigating the sown crops. In view of this situation, the Bihar government has brought good news for the farmers. Bihar government has decided to give a subsidy on diesel for irrigation to the farmers of the state. This will enable timely sowing of Kharif crops in the state and will also reduce the cost of agriculture.

Agricultural costs increased in the sowing of the Kharif crops:

This year, Bihar is witnessing unusual conditions in the arrival and spread of monsoon rains during the Kharif season. Due to this, the sowing of paddy, jute, and other Kharif crops has been directly affected. Kharif crops have been sown by the farmers of some areas of the state, while some farmers who are waiting for sufficient rainwater to sow the crops have not been able to sow.

In such a situation, the farmers of the state are using diesel and petrol at expensive prices for sowing the crop on one side and watering the sown crops on the other. Due to this the agricultural cost of the farmers is increasing one and a half times more than before. The increasing cost of agriculture for sowing and irrigation of the field is taking a toll on the farmers.

Review meeting to deal with the possibility of drought

According to media reports, Bihar Agriculture Minister Amarendra Pratap Singh held a review meeting to deal with possible drought in the event of an irregular monsoon in Bihar. It was informed in the meeting that till July 11, 2022, 33 percent less rainfall than normal has been received in the state, due to which the situation of drought has become in Bihar. In order to save the farmers from the situation of drought, he has talked about starting the process to provide electricity to the farmers for irrigation without any hindrance and to give diesel-petrol subsidies and seeds of other alternative crops on 100 percent subsidy.

How much subsidy will be given to farmers on diesel?

Unusual conditions are being observed in the spread of monsoon rains in the state, in some areas, Kharif crops have been sown by the farmers, while some farmers are waiting for sufficient rainwater for sowing the crops. The sowing of Kharif crops should be completed in time and the sown crops should get enough water. For this, the Bihar government has decided to give a grant for the purchase of diesel.

For this, the state government is giving subsidies on diesel petrol to the farmers according to the crop. The Bihar government is giving a subsidy of Rs 600 per irrigation i.e. up to Rs 1200 for two irrigations to the farmers of the state for the purchase of 10 liters of diesel at the rate of Rs 60 per liter for two irrigations of paddy and jute. 600 for 3 irrigation of pulses, oilseeds, seasonal vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants under other Kharif crops, including maize, Rs. It is providing a grant of Rs 1800 per irrigation. For which the process of approval of the Diesel Grant Scheme has been started by the Government of Bihar.

Farmers benefit from the diesel-petrol subsidy:

Farmers will be given subsidies by the Bihar government on buying diesel for irrigation and sowing. So that farmers do not face any problems related to irrigation and sowing. Under the Diesel Grant Scheme Bihar, a new transformer will be installed within 48 hours instead of 72 in case of failure of the electricity department transformer. Farmers will be provided subsidies for irrigation of crops like Kharif which mainly includes aromatic and medicinal plants and seasonal vegetables and pulses, oilseeds, etc. The subsidy will be given to farmers for irrigation facilities for maize crops.

Documents required for diesel grant scheme online registration applicants

  • Aadhar Card Linked Bank Account Details Account Passbook
  • Aadhar card
  • Diesel seller’s receipt
  • Agricultural certificate
  • Permanent residence certificate
  • Identity certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • The mobile number linked with the Aadhar card

Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility for Anusan on Diesel-Petrol

  • Farmers have to enter their name, address, father’s name, etc. to apply online.
  • The amount of subsidy given on diesel will be directly transferred to the bank account of the registered farmers.
  • To apply, it is necessary to link the bank account of the farmer with the Aadhar card.
  • For diesel subsidy, the farmers themselves will have to upload the Khasra number, account number and total irrigated land and the name of 2 nearby farmers, and the receipt of diesel.
  • Shareholder category farmers will have to upload the information of Khasra number, account number, total irrigated land, and diesel Rashid and 2 farmers along with a verification document.
  • First-class information will have to be entered in self and sharecropper position.
  • The farmer applying should be a permanent resident of Bihar state.
  • The applicant farmer should have at least 1 acre of agricultural land.
  • The lessee farmers will not be taken advantage of this scheme.

Where to apply for diesel subsidy/subsidy in Bihar:

Eligible farmers interested in grants on diesel petrol will have to wait a little longer for an online application in the scheme. Soon applications will be taken by the government for the scheme. For more information regarding this scheme, you can visit the official website of Kisan Bhai Yojana Apart from this, farmers can contact the nearest agriculture department of their district. Apart from this, Bihar farmers can also get information about this by contacting the call center number 1800-180-1551.

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