New 8 Gen Mini Tractor Launched By The Captain Company

New 8 Gen Mini Tractor Launched By The Captain Company


One of the new trailblazer tractor companies named Captain who is well known for producing mini tractors and farm implements for agriculture purposes has now introduced a new 8 Generation Powerful- 283 4WD Mini tractor in the market.

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Captain tractor company is known to be India’s best Mini tractor company who established the first mini tractor in the year 1998. Also, the company focused on producing the best implements for the mini tractor’s category to satisfy the needs of the farmers.

Captain Mini Tractor

Captain mini tractor 8th Gen Series fulfilled all the requirements of the farmers by making them comfortable to work in all the conditions of the land. It makes it easy for them to use for both commercial and agricultural purposes.

The new 8th Gen powerful Captain mini tractor is good at all levels. With classic looks and unique design, it attracts the minds of the farmers. It comes with specific features like a 25 HP engine, three cylinders, Power steering, oil Immersed brakes, this mini tractor is also suitable for carrying heavy implements with having 750 Kg of lifting hydraulic capacity that is strong enough to carry loads. The company designed the engine in a better way that it smoothes and reduces noise.

Also for the smooth functioning and driver’s comfort the company provides additional features in the 283 4WD mini tractors. These features come with a comfortable seat, Projector headlamp, Tail Lamps, Footstep, mobile charging point, and many more.

The company truly believes in providing better comfort to the farmers with more benefits and advanced technology adhered in the new mini tractor.

Also, in terms of price, it is economical and fits into the budget of the farmers. The multipurpose 8th Gen powerful mini tractor is known for better upliftment and better usage on the farms.

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