Black paddy turned into ‘gold’ for farmers, farmers happy with bumper earnings.

Black paddy turned into ‘gold’ for farmers, farmers happy with bumper earnings.


Now, the improved variety of black paddy and the right way of cultivation: There is good news for diabetic patients, now they will also be able to eat rice without fear. It will also prove to be a boon for diabetic and blood pressure patients. 

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There will be no risk of increasing sugar by eating it, it acts as a medicine. Despite the yield of black paddy being less as compared to normal paddy, it gives good profit to the farmers. The market price of black paddy varies between Rs.400 to Rs.800 a kg.

Farmers’ dreams will be fulfilled by cultivating black paddy, which is sold at Rs 400 to 800 per kg.


Fertilizers, pesticides are not used in its cultivation, due to which the cost of its cultivation is low, there is no risk of chemicals in its rice.

This is the reason that even though the yield of black paddy is less than normal paddy, farmers get good profits from it.

Apart from this, there is no effect of diseases and insect moths in the black paddy crop. Black paddy is gold for farmers, black paddy is the most popular variety among farmers, many farmers want to cultivate black paddy (rice) but they do not know from where they will get this seed. 

After May, the farmers will start the work of preparing the nursery of paddy. Farmers are searching for information to buy seeds of improved varieties which give more production and more income before nursery.

There are some farmers who want to cultivate black paddy this year. For such farmers, in this post of TractorJunction, information about where to get black paddy rice seeds, how to cultivate it, its improved variety, yield etc. is being given. Today’s post will benefit such farmers who want to cultivate black paddy this year.

Black rice is a mine of health benefits: Black water is no less than a boon for diabetic and blood pressure patients. Its regular consumption can not only get rid of them from medicines, but after some time they will start living a normal life.

Antioxidant properties are found in abundance in black rice. It contains more antioxidants than coffee.

It contains more antioxidants than coffee. Antioxidants work to detox and clean our body and every human being needs it to fight against today’s polluted environment and adulterated food.

Anticancer elements are also found in abundance in black rice. Apart from Vitamin B, E, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc etc. are found in abundance in rice derived from this paddy. Its consumption also purifies the blood.

Along with this, the consumption of this rice is said to reduce fat and increase digestion power.

Black paddy sells more expensive than normal paddy: Black paddy is sold many times more expensive than normal paddy. 

Its rice in the market ranges from 300 to 500 rupees per kg, while there is a lot of demand for this rice in foreign countries as well. 

Although its yield is much less than normal paddy, due to its high rate, it is a better profitable deal for the farmers. India’s name is quite ahead among the paddy producing countries.

Paddy is produced in India mainly from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Odisha. 

Apart from these, paddy is cultivated on a small scale in many other states. In India, about 37 million hectares of paddy cultivation produces 100 to 150 million tonnes of rice every year. 

Along with good production and consumption of rice in India, it is also exported on a large scale.

How much seed is required for cultivation of black paddy: For cultivation on one bigha of black paddy land, about three kilos of black paddy seeds are required. 

The farmer can order black paddy seeds at the rate of Rs 300 per kg either from the local market or by contacting the Horticulture Department of his district or Government Nursery or Krishi Vigyan Kendra. 

If there is an agricultural university nearby, then you can also get it from there. If you grow black paddy in an organic way then you get more price for it.

Black Rice Farming: In the last few years, the trend of farmers towards new hybrid paddy seeds has increased rapidly. 

Due to this farmers are forgetting the old varieties of paddy crops. As a result, these varieties are gradually disappearing.

In such a situation, there are some farmers who are not only cultivating old varieties of paddy, but are also motivating other farmers to cultivate it. The cultivation of black paddy is completely organic.

If chemical fertilizers are used in the cultivation of black paddy, then its crop becomes very long. Due to which there is a fear of falling. 

For this reason chemical fertilizers are not used in its cultivation. And it is completely free of fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals. 

Its main varieties for the cultivation of black paddy are as follows – there are varieties of paddy like Kala Namak, Kala Bhaat, Jawa Phool, Kala Malli, Tilak Chandan, but with time the yield of these varieties became nominal.

Because of this, the Agriculture Department is working to save these old varieties.

The Agriculture Department is giving the seeds of these varieties of black paddy to the farmers as well as sprayers for spraying organic fertilizers and medicines. At the same time, farmers also get advice from agricultural scientists.

In how many days does black paddy (black salt paddy) become ready? Nine types of old indigenous varieties like Black Salt, Jawa Phool, Tilak Chandan, Malli Phool are suitable for cultivation. 

Black salt productivity is low but the quality is good. Normally paddy crop is ready in 115 to 120 days but black salt is ready in 140 days.

The production is also good, whereas, where normal paddy is 20 to 25 quintals from one acre, then the yield of black paddy is only 8 to 10 quintals.

How is black paddy cultivated?The cultivation of black paddy is also done almost like the cultivation of normal paddy.

Black paddy is cultivated in the same fields as normal paddy is cultivated in the fields. Its cultivation is possible only where water is not used much. Because it requires less water than hybrid rice.

The height of its plants ranges from about 4 and a half feet to 5 feet and only potash can be used as a fertilizer.

Due to the use of urea and other fertilizers, there is a possibility of the plant becoming tall and falling. The cultivation of black paddy in an organic way is much better.

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