To farmers distributed the agricultural machinery of advanced technology with free of cost

To farmers distributed the agricultural machinery of advanced technology with free of cost


Exhibition held at Kisan Mela in Chhattisgarh, information about new technology given to farmers: Kisan Mela is organized from time to time to make the farmers aware of the new techniques of farming. In this sequence, a Kisan Mela was organized in Chhattisgarh recently. 

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At the conclusion of this three-day fair, checks for donation materials and grant money were distributed to the farmers along with agricultural machinery. Please tell me that this fair was organized in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel addressed the farmers on its concluding occasion. On this occasion, the Chief Minister distributed checks of input material and grant amount to the farmers under various schemes of the Agriculture Department.

Farmers will be able to get loans from banks easily: In the fair, the farmers learned the tricks of new technology in this exhibition to make agriculture prosperous. 

On this occasion, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that like paddy, loans will be made easily available from cooperative banks for the production of other crops. 

For this, the loan scale will also be changed so that more and more farmers can increase their income by cultivating pulses, oilseeds and cash crops.

The state has recorded an increase of 17 percent in pulses production as the second crop and 13 percent in oilseeds.

Farming status given to lac and fish farming: The Chief Minister said that we have given agriculture status to lac and fisheries as the main means of self-employment. They too are now getting loans from banks without interest. 

We have brought the number of cooperatives so close to the farmers that they do not have to stay awake throughout the night or stand in long queues to sell paddy.

Government will get a grant for planting other crops instead of paddy: The Chief Minister said that instead of paddy, we are giving 10 thousand per acre incentive for planting other crops or trees. 

He said that it is the only state government in the country to buy Kodo-Kutki and Ragi crops. The government buys Kodo-Kutki at Rs 3 thousand and Ragi at Rs 3,377 per quintal.

Agricultural machines distributed free of cost to these farmers: Agricultural Development and Farmers Welfare and Biotechnology Department of Chhattisgarh Government has provided advanced technology equipment to the farmers free of cost in a three-day event organized at Science College ground in Bilaspur. 

Under the District Mineral Trust fund in the stall of the Agriculture Department, a sprinkler set of 30 pipes to 8 farmers of village Hiri block Bilha, 3 HP diesel pumps to 6 farmers, battery operated spares to 4 farmers were distributed free of cost.

Farmers will no longer have to take agricultural machinery on rent: Expressing his happiness on getting the diesel pump, a farmer of the state said that he has three and a half acres of agricultural land. 

Irrigation facility will be provided in one and a half acres of land with the help of a diesel pump. He said that he has got a battery operated spare. Earlier, for spraying medicine, spares had to be hired at the rate of Rs 50 per hour. 

But now they have got this agricultural machine absolutely free of cost in the fair. This will make it easier to spray the drug on the crops.

How much subsidy do farmers get on agricultural machinery in Chhattisgarh: In Chhattisgarh, under the CHAMPS i.e. Chhattisgarh Agriculture Mechanization and Micro Irrigation Monitoring Process Scheme, there is a plan to distribute agricultural machinery, irrigation pumps and drip and sprinklers to the farmers for farming. 

Under this, farmers are given subsidies ranging from 40 to 70 percent on agricultural machinery. Apart from this, the farmer who wants to take this equipment and accessories has to deposit 30 percent of the amount. Only then it is given to the farmers.

Farmers can apply online for agricultural machinery at Champs: Let us tell you that Champs in Chhattisgarh has software based on Gujarat pattern. 

Under this system, online applications are made by the farmers to get the machines and equipment. In which farmers give information about the product and model of the company of their choice. 

After this, the registered companies contact the farmers and send them on-line to the Seed Corporation after taking necessary documents for grant. 

Let us inform you that the government has started CHAMPS (Chhattisgarh Agriculture Mechanization and Micro Irrigation Monitoring Process) software for the farmers to bring transparency in giving agricultural machinery to the farmers.

With the help of this, the farmers will neither have to worry about buying agricultural equipment, nor will they have to pay a higher price due to brokers, but farmers in the state are not getting the full benefit of this facility.

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