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Eveready Batteries

Through the course of the past hundred years, Eveready has set many a shining example of excellence in innovation and technology. It has championed the frontier of flashlights and has become synonymous with the idea of portable lighting solutions. Our range of LED flashlights are practical, stylish, and tailored to meet a spectrum of household & outdoor needs.


Eveready was among the first to manufacture the widely popular brass and aluminium torches. We also led the way in introducing India to advanced digiLED technology. Set up in 2001, the Flashlights Design and Development Unit has been responsible for introducing more than 72 new, ergonomic flashlight models. Innovation drives us on. It inspires us to be meticulous. The needs of Indian households motivate us to be India's No.1 Torch Brand. It has made us a reliable companion for countless Indians across the nation. Behind every torch is a comprehensive body of market research and consumer feedback. What's more, our manufacturing facilities boast of superior infrastructure. That's the secret behind our superior LED flashlights, available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, wattages and colours

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