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Eicher Tractors 650

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HP Category : 60 HP
Displacement CC in : 3300 CC
No. of cylinder : 3 Cylinder
Max PTO (HP) : 51 HP
Gear Box Type : 8 Forward +2 Reverse

Eicher Tractors 650 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 60 HP
  • 2WD
  • 3300 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
  • 51 HP
  • 8 Forward +2 Reverse

Eicher 650 :

The Eicher 650 tractor is manufactured by the Eicher tractor manufacturing company with a classic and attractive design. Here, we are giving you all the important information about the Eicher 650 tractor model.

Eicher 650 Engine Capacity:

The Eicher 650 tractor comes with 60 HP and 3 cylinders. The Eicher 650 tractor’s engine capacity provides efficient mileage on the field. The Eicher 650 tractor is one of the most powerful tractors and offers good mileage. The Eicher 650 tractor has the capability to provide high performance on the field.

Eicher 650 features:

Eicher 650 tractor comes with a dual clutch.

The Eicher 650 tractor has 8 forward and 2 reverse gearboxes.

Eicher 650 tractor has a superb kmph forward speed.

The Eicher 650 tractor model is manufactured with an oil-immersed brake.

The Eicher 650 tractor’s steering type is smooth power.

The Eicher 650 tractor offers a large fuel tank capacity for long hours on farms.

The Eicher 650 tractor model has a strong lifting capacity. 

Eicher 650 Specifications:

No. Of Cylinder


HP Category

60 HP

Capacity CC

3300 CC


Water Cooled

Air Filter

Dry Type



Transmission Type




Gear Box

8 Forward +2 Reverse


Oil Immersed Brake

Steering Type


PTO Type

6 Spline



Total Weight

1700 KG

Wheel drive



Coming Soon

Eicher 650 Tractor Specifications in Details

Engine and Performance

  • The Eicher 650 HP is the same as the 60 HP. With a 3300-cc 3-cylinder engine, this tractor offers the perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency.

  • This powerful horsepower enables it to easily manage various farming and commercial activities by running various equipment, such as the Happy Seeder and Grader Blade.

  • Additionally, an inline fuel pump is included to ensure the engine has a reliable and efficient supply of fuel.


  • The speed of the Eicher 650 PTO is 540 RPM at 1944 ERPM. The tractor can attain its standard PTO speed of 540 RPM at 1944 ERPM. As a result, the tractor uses less fuel when using PTO tools like the thresher, pneumatic precision planter, and rotavator.


  • The gearbox on the Eicher 650 gearbox system is partially synchromesh. This gear design lessens gearbox wear and tear while improving gear shifting smoothness.

  • It has a dual-clutch option, which improves the efficiency of the gearbox. To operate the tractor and PTO, a single lever includes two different clutch plates.

  • Its side-shift gear lever location makes shifting gears more comfortable and easy to use.


  • The Eicher 650 has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2100 kg. It can therefore lift heavy tools like the Laser Land Leveler and Disc Harrow.

  • The draft, position, and response control hydraulic controls on this tractor allow the user to manually adjust the implement's draft and position.

User Reviews of Eicher Tractors 650 Tractor

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“ Fndcdbtct ”

By Jagpal Jagpal 17 March 2024

this is good one

“ it is user friendly ”

By Shivprasad Patil 16 March 2022


“ Tractor ”

By Ankit Bishnoi 29 November 2023


“ Bal ”

By Ismail hussain khan 15 January 2024

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FAQS - ABOUT Eicher Tractors 650 Tractor

Ans : A tractor with 60 HP is the Eicher 650 .

Ans : The lifting capacity of the Eicher 650 is 2100 kg.

Ans : There is Power steering on the Eicher 650 .

Ans : You can find nearby Eicher 650 dealers at KhetiGaadi.

Ans : There are 8 forward and 2 reverse gears on the Eicher 650 .

Ans : The most well-liked Eicher tractor models are the Eicher 548,Eicher 241,Eicher 551,Eicher 380.

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