Tractor Implements and Attachments – Applications and more

Tractor Implements and Attachments – Applications and more

An agriculture machine, a tractor is just like a daily use vehicle without tractor accessories.  There are several farming operations which need precision, long hour efforts, and specific technique to perform. For bringing that effectiveness and ease of operations, every farmer must have a tractor with implements. Here, Khetigadi has made all the implements and attachment buying decision process very easier with the detailed information about each of them. Generally, tractor attachments and implements can either be powered or non-powered machinery.  Those that are powered,  gain their power either from the tractor’s PTO (Power Take Off), by wheel action or by hydraulics. All the implements or attachments are mounted on three locations on the tractor viz., front, mid and rear.  Let’s see the tractor implements list with details:
  1. Front Loader –
This implement is generally mounted on the front end of the tractor and is used alone or with a mix of other implements to perform a variety of farming tasks. This implement can be used to move around heavy to handle materials and other mundane tasks like transferring compost post, transferring animals, moving fertilizers, hay, and gravel, etc. There are various tractor manufacturing brands and equipment brands in the market like Bull front end loader, John Deere front end loader and many more.

2. Pallet Fork Attachment –

This is the most adaptable farm tool linked to the front loader arm of the tractor and is used to move oversized loads like boxed farm products, hay bales, other small parts of farm equipment. It is also used in industrial purposes. You can get these attachments from Mahindra Attachments.

3. Harrow

To perform shallow tilling, seed covering and killing the weed tasks of the farm, the harrow is used. This implement is usually mounted on the back side of the tractor with the help of 3 point hitch or drawbar. It is primarily equipped with free spinning discs which are attached to an X shaped steel frame. You can get Mahindra Disc Harrow, to attach with Mahindra tractors or Sonalika Harrow to attach with Sonalika tractor.

4. Planter –

Once the soil is prepared, farmers need to sow the seeds and there is not a number that we can count of them, at such times planter proves to be an effective implement. Some planters are built with 2 or more seed containers and some planters have multiple containers along with electric or hydraulic drives. Mahindra Planters are best suitable for all kinds of Mahindra general-purpose tractors.

5. Tractor Rake Attachment –

This type of mechanical implement is PTO driven and is used for spreading, tedding, and arranging hay into the windrows.

6. Post Hole Digger –

This implement is also called an Auger. It is a PTO-driven implement designed especially to drill a hole into the ground. This implement is mounted at the rear side of the tractor by using a 3 point hitch and connected to the tractor’s PTO shaft.

7. Tractor Brush Cutter –

This implement is PTO driven and is mounted at the bottom of the tractor, between the front and the rear axles.  This implement is mainly designed to deal with long grasses, weeds, and shrubs.

8. Happy Seeder –

Farming is a tough job and doing it in a smart way can help you save the time as well as cost. Indian farmers, especially from Punjab and UP face this problem of previous crop residue while sowing new seeds. As a solution traditionally they used to burn their farms but this was not enough hence, Happy Seeder came to help. This machine is a tractor mounted machine which cuts off and lifts the rice residues and sows wheat seeds. This is a great machine providing a possibility of wheat crop sowing just after rice harvesting.  You can Dasmesh Happy Seeder, Mahindra Happy Seeder based on the tractor type.

9. Sugarcane Infielder –

The sugarcane infielder is an optimum class machine or implements designed to easily transfer the harvested canes into the vehicle which goes directly to the factories. This implement moves parallel to the sugarcane harvester. Baramati is quite famous for harvesting sugar, hence there are a number of sugarcane infielder manufacturers available in the district. These infielders can be attached to any tractor with a minimum of 55 HP.

10) Sugarcane Loader

Thishydraulicallyoperated mechanized implement is attached to the tractor for loading the sugarcane and is capable of loading canes up to 5 meters height in the transport vehicle. Shaktiman sugarcane loader, new Holland sugarcane loader are some of the leading sugarcane loader manufacturers in India

11) Mobile Shredder –

Mobile Shredder also popularly known as Shaktiman Mobile Shredder is an agricultural machine mounted on a tractor mainly used for crop stalk cutting and shredding so as to clear the farms for next crops. This implement can be mounted on tractors with 40 and above HP and dual clutch which is attached to a 3 point linkage and has a PTO of 540/1000 rpm.
These all above mentioned are tractor implements and attachments along with their applications in farming operations. Their adaptability with the appropriate tractor model and tractor implement prices all you can find at the leading online market place for buying and selling tractors. Visit our page for more information about Tractor, Agricultural implements, Tractor Price, Tractor Videos, and Tractor Games.


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